The Bachelor: From Dad Jokes To Dad Bod, Zach Shallcross Can’t Stop Getting Roasted By Fans

Zach Shallcross on The Bachelor.
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Spoilers ahead for the February 13 episode of The Bachelor Season 27.

Zach Shallcross is in the middle of a fantasy experience — traveling the world with multiple women who are vying for his affection in the hopes that he will propose to them — and The Bachelor Season 27 lead certainly is doing things his way. The Texas resident seems to be living his best dad life, cracking corny jokes, dancing like there’s not a camera crew watching, with a suitcase full of floral print button-downs... and Bachelor Nation cannot get enough. Fans took to Twitter to light-heartedly roast Shallcross during the February 13 episode, as he and his remaining women partied in the Bahamas.

Before he started this journey to find love, Zach Shallcross received the advice to not take himself too seriously. He seems to be fully following through on that, and viewers are highly amused at some of the things that come out of the Bachelor’s mouth (we all remember when he said he was “feeling like a bad bitch,” right?). The best line from Monday's episode may have been Shallcross’ reaction to their tropical locale, which was quoted by this Twitter user

‘I'm just a Bahama Papa looking for my Bahama Mama’ - things your middle aged Dad declares the second he gets off the plane on a tropical island. And Zach thinks he's not ready to be a dad yet!

It is true that the Bachelor balked at the possibility of becoming a stepdad to the daughter of fan favorite Christina Mandrell (although that wasn’t the reason she was eliminated). Another fan pointed out that instead of “dressed to kill,” Zach Shallcross was “dressed to grill”: 

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Plenty of screen time has been given to Zach Shallcross in the shower, and after spending so much time watching him scrubbing his hairy chest, another Bachelor Nation fan tweeted

Zack’s dad jokes go well with his dad bod.

He’s certainly not afraid to shake that dad bod though, and he’s had a couple of opportunities already to show off his dance moves — something the Bachelor admitted in a conversation with CinemaBlend is enough to make him cringe as well. Is it bad enough that we might be looking at a class-action lawsuit? This fan declares: 

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Zach Shallcross’ ability to let loose — as well as his zero tolerance for bullshit — seems to be winning Bachelor Nation over, and fans can’t help but crack a smile, even at the cheesiest lines. For instance, in the most recent episode, he was telling a producer how much fun he was having on the date, with the camera capturing only the top half of his body. Quoting Shallcross, this fan said:  

‘You can’t see the hips, but they’re moving.’ Damnit, stop making us like you, Zach!

Another quotable line came when the Bachelor saw an opportunity to use seashells to boast about his musical talents. Dropping yet another Zach quote, a viewer tweeted

DID YOU EVER PLAY CONCH IN YOUR SCHOOL BAND 😂😂😂 this man is such a dork it’s adorable

Well, Zach, I think they like you! Hopefully he can continue to be his authentic self through the rest of Season 27, especially if that means more dad jokes and killer dance moves. If you can’t wait to find out which one of the lucky ladies ends up with Zach Shallcross — if any! — check out our spoilers for the rumored ending. The Bachelor airs at 8 p.m. ET Mondays on ABC and can be streamed the next day with a Hulu subscription. Check out our 2023 TV schedule to see all of the premieres that are coming soon. 

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