The Bachelor: Ranking The Best Limo Exits From Zach Shallcross’ Season Premiere

Zach Shallcross drinking maple syrup
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I’m not usually a fan of huge, over-the-top limo exits—and neither are the girls from Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor, apparently.

It all happened so fast—not only did ZERO women come out riding a horse, but some women barely got enough screen time to share their names. 

It seems that the contestants have caught on to the trend from past seasons where people with goofy limo exits don’t make it very far in the season. I’m imagining the producers holding costumes and masks and props just begging the girls to give us a little something strange, and not a single one budging.

Anyway, here are the top 10 limo exits from The Bachelor Season 27 premiere.

Vanessa Dinh dances while meeting Zach Shallcross

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10. Vanessa

Like I said, over-the-top limo exits aren’t usually my favorite—but a little bit of fanfare was just what we needed. Vanessa danced her way to the Bachelor mansion to the sounds of a New Orleans jazz trumpeter while tossing beads.

Cheesy? Maybe. Effective? Definitely! Vanessa may have already been eliminated on Night 1, but she’s the only Season 27 contestant whose hometown I actually remember, which earns her the very last spot in our top 10.

Mercedes Northup introduces her pig to Zach Shallcross

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9. Mercedes

Like I said, no horses this time around. But, a different farm animal did make an appearance during Mercedes Northup’s limo exit with her pet pig, Henry.

The Iowa native grew up on a pig farm and showed pigs with her family at state fairs, so it’s realistic that pigs are probably an integral part of this girl’s life and therefore a good way to introduce herself to her potential husband. After all, if they get married he’ll be part of the pig farming family, too. I can’t rank this one any higher though, since I’m pretty sure poor Henry will be bacon by the time the finale airs.

Gabi Elnicki's confessional on the premiere of Season 27 of The Bachelor

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8. Gabi

The 25 year-old from Vermont made her introduction with a bottle of maple syrup. As sticky as that may sound, the two had some very real chemistry.

I’m not sure why Zach had to drink the maple syrup, though. Wouldn’t a taste have sufficed? Maybe we could have gotten the guy some pancakes? Either way, this entrance was a cute reminder of where she’s from geographically, as well as a memorable moment for him to get stuck on, so it makes the top 10.

Ariel Frenkel meets Zach Shallcross

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7. Ariel

One of the earlier limo exits of the night was Ariel Frenkel, who shared with Zach that she missed her flight, broke her suitcase and ripped her dress on her way to the Bachelor mansion—but NOTHING was going to stop her from coming. 

I liked this one! It was cute, honest and down-to-earth, and shows that she’s not the type to panic in a crisis. Zach also seemed super smitten with Ariel, so the line clearly worked. However, it’s a little low-effort, so I can’t rank it any higher.

Olivia Miller makes her limo exit on The Bachelor Season 27 premiere

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6. Olivia M.

Despite both Olivias being sent home on Night 1, I thought Olivia M.’s limo exit was definitely one of the cutest of the night. The stylist presented Zach with two pennies, saying she’d found them both facing heads up and had brought them for him as a sign of good luck.

If it was true, that’s so cute! If it was a lie and she made up the story about finding two pennies, I’m fuming. The bar is pretty low though, so this limo exit still makes the top 10.

Holland Parsons introduces herself to Zach Shallcross

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5. Holland

My girl Holland made her entrance by referencing Zach’s tulip field date in Holland with Rachel Recchia, the co-star of The Bachelorette Season 19. Holland said the relationship didn’t work out because he was “in the wrong Holland,” then immediately apologized to her parents in the confessional.

While I don’t love bringing up past exes, the joke was too good to pass up, in my opinion. Poor Holland was also eliminated on Night 1, which supports the theory that the contestants with the weirdest limo exits don’t make it very far.

Bailey Brown introduces herself to Zach with a name tag

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4. Bailey

Bailey was one of the contestants who made her first appearance live on After The Final Rose, just minutes after the announcement that Zach Shallcross would be the next Bachelor. She gave him the little rhyme “on the daily, think of Bailey” to help him remember her name—but unfortunately, Zach couldn’t remember it and called her “Morning Bailin.”

Bailey made her limo exit with a name tag stuck to her ball gown so Zach wouldn’t forget her name this time—and the two even shared a kiss before she headed inside!

While this was probably one of the most successful limo exits of the night (given the kiss), it ranks at number five since Bailey had the added advantage of meeting Zach once before.

Christina Mandrell and Zach Shallcross on Season 27 of The Bachelor

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3. Christina

Self-proclaimed party girl Christina pulled up to the Bachelor mansion in a literal party bus, much to the dismay of the other contestants. Admittedly, it’s not the party bus entrance itself that makes me love Christina’s “limo” exit so much. It’s how extremely jealous all the other contestants got when they saw the party bus that really seals the deal.

Even better, Christina got to pull Zach away from the crowd and return to the party bus later in the night, making her “entrance” a focal point of the evening. And you have to respect her for that. Cue the scene of all the girls standing in line for their turn to enter the bus.

Davia's champagne toast limo exit with Zach Shallcross

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2. Davia

In my opinion, Davia kept things cute, fun, flirty, and (dare I say?) classy in her champagne toast limo exit. The two popped the bubbly and shared a quick sip together, and that was it—no time for things to get awkward or cringey. 

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people go the “champagne toast” route for their limo exits in the past—it was so easy, yet memorable and playful, and she got to offer the other girls champagne when she went inside.

Davia was also wearing my favorite gown of the night, which certainly doesn’t hurt her ranking on this list.

Zach sprays Katherine Izzo with SPF

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1. Katherine

Katherine the dermatologic RN ultimately brought the most heat with her limo exit. As a Floridian in the field of dermatology, she knows the importance of using SPF every day—which is why she brought some so Zach could lather her up.

This limo exit checks all the boxes: it reminds him of her career/interests, calls attention to the importance of a good skincare routine, and is just weird enough to be a cute story without being too wacky. Plus, when he could still smell sunscreen on his wrists later in the night, I bet he thought of Katherine.

Which limo exit do you think stole Zach’s heart?

Episodes of The Bachelor Season 27 air on Mondays on ABC as part of the 2023 TV schedule. You can also catch episodes of this season (and past seasons) with a Hulu subscription.

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