The Conners And Sons Of Anarchy Actress Katey Sagal Is Recovering After Being Hit By A Car

katey sagal as louise on the conners
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Katey Sagal, who made her triumphant return to a mega-hit broadcast network show thanks to The Conners, has been hit by a car. The actress (also known for Sons of Anarchy and the short-lived Rebel) is recovering from the incident, which took place in the morning of Thursday, October 14. 

Katey Sagal was walking across the street on Thursday when she was struck by a car, according to TMZ, and she was assisted afterward by the driver of the car who stopped to help. An ambulance was called and took her to a hospital for injuries that are reportedly not serious. She was expected to be able to leave the hospital on Friday, October 15. The outlet cites sources saying that the event is still under investigation, but there were no drugs or alcohol involved, and no arrests or citations have been issued at the time of writing.

According to ET, Katey Sagal will be able to return home and get some rest, which suggests that her recovery is likely to go well and hopefully not cause the actress much pain. She has become a television icon over the years of her career, starting with playing Peggy Bundy on Married… with Children, then later in 8 Simple Rules opposite John Ritter prior to his death

Her career took a dramatic turn when she was cast for FX’s Sons of Anarchy, where her work earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama back in 2011. Katey Sagal recently starred in ABC’s Rebel, which seemed like a guaranteed hit with Sagal headlining, a time slot following Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights, and Grey’s Anatomy’s showrunner Krista Vernoff on board. So it came as a surprise when Rebel was cancelled early, but the silver lining for fans of Sagal was that she was able to return to The Conners on a more regular basis than likely would have been possible if Rebel had continued. 

In fact, Katey Sagal’s character just cemented her place in the Conner family with the latest episode that featured her wedding to John Goodman’s Dan Conner. The wedding of course didn’t go off without a hitch, but they tied the knot, and hopefully that means plenty of Sagal on primetime considering that she has not been seriously injured by the car collision. 

Katey Sagal has not yet publicly commented on the incident, on either one of her social media accounts (which she used to hype Rebel back in its day before the cancellation and the later dashed hopes of a revival) or via a statement. For now, fans can look forward to seeing her on the small screen with new episodes of The Conners at 9 p.m. ET on ABC on Wednesdays in the fall TV lineup, and be happy that her accident wasn’t more serious.

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