The Internet Is Having A Field Day After Leaked DMs Of Adam Levine Allegedly Sexting Outside His Marriage Dropped

Early this week, Adam Levine made headlines after an alleged ex-mistress shared DMs of the Maroon 5 singer being flirtatious, along with asking her whether he could name his third child after her, which he is currently expecting with his wife of over eight years, Behati Prinsloo. Following the fiasco, the internet is doing what it does best: meme-ifying the whole affair. 

People are taking to social media to use segments of Adam Levine’s leaked DMs to model Sumner Stroh into punchlines. Here’s an example: 

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In Stroh’s TikTok that began the scandal, she briefly showed messages between herself and the former The Voice coach. Another Twitter user got in on the meme with the same messages from Levine, making this joke: 

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Following the scandal going viral on Monday, Adam Levine took to his own social media to admit to having “poor judgement” when speaking with anyone other than his wife and mother to two children. However, Levine denied having an affair while sharing he’d “crossed the line” during a “regrettable period” in his life, which he has “taken proactive steps to remedy” with his family. With that in mind, it seems as if the DMs are in fact real. 

The situation comes after Armie Hammer had leaked sexts come to light, though those included much more violent undertones and very serious abuse allegations against his past romances. In Levine’s case, the heartthrob frontman of Maroon 5 has jokes floating around surrounding how he really couldn’t get over how “fucking hot” he found the model to be. Here’s another one: 

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The internet has a sense of humor when it comes to this sexting scandal, as Adam Levine surely feels embarrassed about it coming out. In Sumner Stroh’s TikTok tell-all, the model shared that she intended to keep the relationship private, and she only decided to spill the story after she “recklessly” shared some screenshots of the messages to friends, and one of them tried to sell them to a tabloid. So, she released them with her own explanation, thus creating more Twitter jokes, like this: 

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Stroh claims she was having an affair with Adam Levine for a year before they broke things off. A few months after they stopped talking, she revealed that he sent her a message asking if he would use her name if his baby ended up being a boy, saying he was “DEAD SERIOUS.” 

Following the story going viral, Stroh recorded a followup video on TikTok where she shared she thought Levine’s marriage was over during their affair and was “naive” to the singer’s manipulation. We’ll be following along to see how this scandal perhaps affects the singer going forward. Until then, you can check out when The Voice is airing on NBC with our 2022 TV premiere date calendar following the recent season premiere starring Camila Cabello, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

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