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This Is Us’ Creator Shared Thoughts On A Potential Spinoff, And Fans May Be Disappointed

Kevin, Kate, Rebecca and Randall Pearson are show in press photo for This Is Us.
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It’s hard to accept that the episodes we’re watching of This Is Us are among the last in the series. Creator Dan Fogelman’s plan has always been to wrap up all of the Pearson family’s mysteries in six seasons, but now that the end of the hit NBC drama is actually upon us, viewers are begging for the time-jumping, plot-twisting series to be extended in some way. Fogelman’s thoughts about a spinoff at this point, however, might not be what fans are hoping to hear.

This Is Us’ sixth and final season has begun, with Dan Fogelman’s focus remaining on writing his final scripts, but with the expansive world he’s created for the main characters – branching out to different parts of the country across multiple timelines  – it’s no surprise he’s fielding questions about spinoffs multiple times a day, as he told Variety. While he confirmed those conversations have taken place, he doesn’t see it happening, at least not now. 

Once you’ve seen the completion of Season 6, the stories of these characters are told. So there is no real spinoff because you kind of know everything. Is there another play for the show? I guess you’d never say never, but I don’t see it. It’s personal to me, and I don’t see myself picking this thing back up.

Obviously that’s not good news for fans who were hoping to get more out of the Pearsons’ story sooner rather than later. But Fogelman did promise to wrap up all the stories before the show leaves the airwaves for the last time, and honestly, I think fans want to feel that closure, like there’s nothing left that we don’t know.

Like the creator said, though, you can never say never. Just because Dan Fogelman doesn’t see himself revisiting this world doesn’t mean he won’t be inspired by something down the road, or that one of the show’s other creative minds won’t see value in expanding the story of one of This Is Us’ myriad characters in the future.

If there is a movement to continue the This Is Us universe at some point, and Dan Fogelman isn’t involved, we might have to count out one of the Big Three. Sterling K. Brown has expressed that he’s excited about exploring other roles and, in fact, has already landed his first post-This Is Us gig. Any reprisal of Randall Pearson, however, would be worth his time if Fogelman were behind it, Brown said.

Justin Hartley, meanwhile, seemed more on board with the idea of keeping Kevin Pearson going, if only because he’s enjoyed working with his on-screen family so much. Hartley even threw out the idea of a trilogy movie series

If Dan Fogelman ever changed his mind, there’s definitely enough material to base a spinoff series on. While This Is Us will take us through the lives of Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Kate and Randall Pearson, the next generation of Pearsons would be amazing as stars of their own series. Randall’s daughters or Kate’s rock star son? I’d watch that in a second, and I bet I’m not alone. 

For now, though, we’re only promised the rest of Season 6, so let’s just enjoy it while we can. This Is Us airs at 9 p.m. Tuesdays on NBC. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what other premieres are coming up.

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