Wait, Is 90 Day Fiancé's Big Ed Brown Really Going To Be On Saturday Night Live?

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90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed Brown took the world by storm (for better or worse) when he helped shoot the TLC series into the mainstream, but just how far does his reality celebrity status extend? It’s a question many asked when the reality star took to social media and left a cryptic caption alluding to a potential appearance on NBC’s iconic sketch series, Saturday Night Live. It would be a very surprising bit of late night comedy news if true, but could Big Ed's SNL dreams be coming true?

The speculation started when Big Ed posted a picture on his Instagram account with longtime SNL cast member Kenan Thompson.Check out the photo below, in which Ed tagged Saturday Night Live and made the vague implication that he'll be part of an upcoming episode. 

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It’s an odd post, especially since a lot of it seems to avoid explicitly confirming Big Ed Brown will be any part of Saturday Night Live in the coming weeks. Plus, it doesn’t seem like Big Ed is in the show’s studio with Kenan Thompson, so this could’ve just been a chance encounter at an airport, shopping mall, or a hallway at a doctor’s office. If Big Ed Brown explicitly said, “I’m going to be on Saturday Night Live,” then it would be a little easier to believe this to be actual news. For now, I’d say the verdict is still out, since SNL obviously does feature pre-recorded material.

Big Ed Brown did speak to CinemaBlend back in May, and in our interview, revealed he’d love to appear on a show like Saturday Night Live. This all started after star Pete Davidson went on a rant about his love for 90 Day Fiancé and specifically talked about how much he loved Big Ed and would be starstruck if they met in public. Ed reciprocated the love with a special video to Davidson on his Cameo account. 

Saturday Night Live recently let reality television star Kim Kardashian host, so perhaps more reality stars could show up on the late-night sketch series. I don’t think Big Ed Brown has quite the celebrity status of the lowest-tier Kardashian, and definitely wouldn’t land a guest host spot, but I could see him being used for a one-off sketch or segment, especially if it’s 90 Day Fiancé themed

Perhaps a slightly bigger piece of "evidence" is Big Ed's post about appearing on the new season of Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek. Not that MTV and NBC are owned by the same people, but still. He's clearly getting his name out there in non-90 Day projects. 

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans aren’t thrilled about this recent tease and will be more upset if it happens to be true. Fans made petitions earlier in the year to try and have Big Ed Brown removed from 90 Day Fiancé following allegations of sexual assault by a woman known on Tik Tok as Lordakeet. So far, TLC has not decided to take any actions against Brown and will feature him in Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life

Saturday Night Live returns to NBC with a new episode on Saturday, November 6th at 11:29 p.m. ET. So far, no Big Ed Brown on the roster yet, but who knows what can change before that premiere?

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