Wait, Real Housewives Legend Teresa Giudice's Wedding Hair Cost How Much?

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There’s no one size fits all wedding. Some people want 500 guests. Others want 12. Some people want to get married in a church with bridesmaids. Other people prefer to fly to Vegas. Whatever your ideal celebration looks like, you can make it happen, at least provided you have the right budget. That last part stands in the way for most people, but thankfully for Real Housewives legend Teresa Giudice, that wasn’t an issue, at least when it came to her hair. The longtime reality TV star went for an updo that came with quite the price tag.

According to E Online, Teresa Giudice’s wedding hair cost $9,500. I’m just gonna pause for a second here and repeat it like we would if we were just gossiping about this on a couch as friends. $9,500! She spent nearly $10,000 on her hair. Given the laws of rounding, you could even just say $10,000 and you wouldn’t really be wrong. And look, I write up wild celebrity price tag stuff all the time. Here’s an article about how Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were buying a house with 17 bathrooms. I’m not normally surprised by how much things cost for famous people, but I’m still a little rattled here.

Let’s dig further and look at the breakdown. It was apparently $7,000 for the hairpiece and $2,500 for the labor for the stylist Lucia Casazza. I also thought that was a lot, but apparently it took more than two hours to even get out of it after the wedding was over. That’s because it’s essentially three pieces of mesh, clips and 1,500 bobby pins propping up seven bundles of keratin fusion extensions. 

The good news, though, is her hair looked great. Some haters in the cheap seats are saying it’s too extravagant or some nonsense, but it’s a Real Housewives wedding. Going big is basically expected, and this hair is halfway to God. Check it out…

As for the wedding itself, it took place at the Park Chateau Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey over the weekend. The groom was Luis Ruelas, and by all accounts, it was a beautiful ceremony with an outrageous cake. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this thing yet, it might be louder than Teresa’s hair. Given the whole Real Housewives thing, though, I’m here for it. Some people have to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable at a wedding, and it takes personalities like this to do it.

Following the wedding, Giudice dropped a highlight video on Instagram to recap everything that happened and thank everyone involved for attending and helping put it together. In case you were wondering, yes, her stylist was among those thanked and rightfully so. 

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