Watch Good Sam's Sophia Bush Crack Up At Jason Isaacs' Sabotage And More In Season 1 Gag Reel

Sophia Bush came full circle as an actress with medical drama Good Sam on CBS, where she starred as Dr. Samantha Griffith opposite Jason Isaacs playing her father. Sam was a top surgeon whose status at her hospital was more than a little complicated when she had to oversee her father’s work, when their positions had previously been switched. Although the finale aired back in May, you can soon revisit the full first season with the DVD release, and a sneak peek at the gag reel – including Sophia Bush cracking up at the “trickster” Jason Isaacs – can give you a taste of what to expect. Check it out above!

Season 1 of Good Sam is available for pre-order now and will be available for purchase on Tuesday, October 25. Although the CBS show was definitely a drama, the sneak peek at the gag reel proves that the cast was having plenty of fun as well. Whether it was Jason Isaacs as Sophia Bush’s “saboteur” with a prop during a breakfast scene between Sam and Griff, Sophia Bush accidentally squealing in Edwin Hodge’s ear, or the cast surprising Skye Marshall for her birthday, there are plenty of laughs with this peek behind the scenes. 

The Season 1 DVD set is also the full series set, as Good Sam was cancelled after the first batch of 13 episodes. It did stand out from other medical dramas on network TV, including Grey’s Anatomy, and ended with an intense finale. There was a lot to enjoy in those 13 episodes, with Good Sam marking Sophia Bush’s first series regular role since leaving Chicago P.D. years earlier, and even finding a way to deliver a fun One Tree Hill reunion between Bush and former co-stars Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz.

The medical drama debuted in a competitive time slot on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, which was actually against Chicago P.D. – a.k.a. Sophia Bush’s former show – on NBC. Launching in a time slot already dominated by a show nearly a decade in meant an uphill battle for Good Sam, but the ratings suggested that it found a steady (although not quite huge) audience in the second half of the season. Sadly, the numbers weren’t enough to guarantee that Bush and Co. would be back for a second season in the 2022 fall TV season

Many shows got bad news at the end of the spring season, and only time will tell what’s next for Sophia Bush on the small screen. Co-star Edwin Hodge stuck around CBS, although to join a very different show. He’s the newest series regular on the network’s FBI: Most Wanted. Whatever the future holds for the cast of Good Sam, the DVD set at least means that it will be easy to revisit Sam’s emotional highs and lows over Season 1. 

Be sure to check out the full series DVD set of Good Sam for all 13 episodes starting on October 25, as well as special features like the fun gag reel. 

Laura Hurley
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