Who Is The Masked Singer’s Pepper? Here’s Our Best Guess

The Pepper making a weird face
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The Masked Singer Season 6 is one of the Fox series’ most competitive seasons yet, though some contestants have still managed to stand out as frontrunners this year. The Pepper is certainly one of those competitors as her performances have stood out like those of a professional singer, even if they aren’t actually one. With that being said, we’re leaning on the idea that Pepper is actually a pretty well-known pop singer from the 2000s: Natasha Bedingfield.

Natasha Bedingfield had the world rocking with her debut album Unwritten back in 2004, and I have a good feeling she’s doing the same thing in 2021 on The Masked Singer. Let’s run down the evidence supporting this popular theory, as Pepper continues to thrive week in and week out amongst the competition.

The Pepper singing on The Masked Singer

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Natasha Bedingfield Has A Growing Fanbase on TikTok

The first clue package for The Pepper offered heavy clues that she found some new fame online. Natasha Bedingfield unexpectedly became a TikTok sensation when “Unwritten” (the theme song from the former hit reality series The Hills) became a popular dance challenge on the platform. Bedingfield eventually got in on the fun, and in the time since has found a following on the platform making viral videos. She’s not the most popular star on TikTok by any means, but with close to 400,000 followers, she’s doing alright for herself. 

Pepper on The Masked Singer

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The Pepper presented an iPod as an additional clue following a performance on The Masked Singer, and that’s more telling than it may have been to viewers at home initially. Natasha Bedingfield took the world by storm in 2004, about three years after the iPod first went out on the market. Those who were around during that era know the device exploded in popularity, thanks in part to different models being on the market. I’d wager a good deal of users had at least one Bedingfield song on their device, which may be why it’s a clue.

The Pepper singing on The Masked Singer

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The Pepper’s Tea Pot Is A Nod To Natasha Bedingfield’s British Heritage

The British are much more than their love of tea, but if one were to ask the average American what they most associate British culture with, I’d wager tea is the answer. The Pepper featured a teacup in The Masked Singer’s recent recap episode, and Natasha Bedingfield is British. Obviously, it’s not hard to see how I arrived at this being a clue towards her identity, but I should add Bedingfield did a campaign with Nestea back in 2017, which could also be what the clue is referring to. 

The Masked Singer airs over at Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 6 will likely show Pepper make her way to the end, though the series is known for some unexpected eliminations. Hopefully, Pepper won’t be one of those, as she legitimately seems like the contestant that will ultimately win it all.

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