Why Fox's The Real Dirty Dancing Is Worth Watching For Anyone Who Missed It

Corbin Bleu and Cat Cora on The Real Dirty Dancing
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Fox’s The Real Dirty Dancing has come to an end, and while it was a fun ride, many TV fans may have missed out over the past several weeks. After all, people like watching the Winter Olympics, and there were other great shows like Celebrity Big Brother that already had folks captivated with all sorts of real-life drama. The Real Dirty Dancing certainly wasn’t a series that delivered major drama, but it is totally worth watching for those who missed it. 

As someone who tuned in to every episode from start to finish, I can confirm The Real Dirty Dancing is a series worth checking out as television shows (like This Is Us) return, or for anyone just looking for a series to binge on a random weeknight. For those who need a bit more convincing, here are some spoiler-free reasons as to why you should check it out!

The Cast Is Loaded With Celebrities

Celebrity reality competition shows are rarely, if ever, filled with A- or even B-list celebrities, but as far as casting goes, The Real Dirty Dancing got some real talent. The cast includes the Backstreet Boys' Howie Dorough, WWE Hall of Famer (and mother) Brie Bella, The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron (most known for his Hannah Brown saga), and High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu, to name just some. It definitely felt like a cast geared towards enticing millennials (who like to binge things), but Dirty Dancing has become such a timeless classic that the show can really appeal to viewers of all ages. Whatever the reason for the celebrity choices, the cast is enjoyable and full of people worth rooting for from start to finish. 

The Show Is More Than Just Dancing

There is of course a lot of dancing in The Real Dirty Dancing, but there’s also even more fun to be had for fans of the movie. The show’s contestants act out some of the scenes of the movie in shot-for-shot recreations, and some guest stars who appeared in the actual movie drop by as well. I won’t reveal who for spoiler purposes, but those who enjoyed the original movie will likely enjoy some of the guests that drop by to offer their input. 

It’s Only Four Episodes

When someone finds a show they like, they often don’t want it to end. Typically, I’d agree, but with so many shows coming back and so many on the way, it’s nice to have something short and sweet to watch. The Real Dirty Dancing is just that, with only four episodes that are under 45 minutes each without commercials. That’s not bad at all for an entire series, and something anyone can knock out in an evening of viewing without feeling like it’s some massive undertaking. If you're even remotely curious about The Real Dirty Dancing, it’s such a relatively low time commitment that even watching one episode just to see if you like it is a good option. 

There are many more reasons to watch Fox’s The Real Dirty Dancing, though not anything that I can talk about without spoilers. So, check it out in places like Hulu or on YouTube TV, and be prepared for the “time of your life” should you decide to binge it it while waiting for other returning shows to debut.

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