Why In Living Color Stars Jamie Foxx And Tommy Davidson Reportedly Don’t Speak Anymore

In Living Color, like late-night sketch staple Saturday Night Live, birthed a multitude of careers, including those of Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx (who has since turned in Oscar-caliber performances). Another career that spun off from the landmark comedy series was film and television actor Tommy Davidson's. Having thrived since his days as a cast member on the Fox sketch comedy, Davidson decided to tell his story in 2020 with his memoir, Living in Color. But his sentiments may have contributed to the reason he and Foxx no longer speak.

The star opened up to Page Six about his current relationship with Jamie Foxx while promoting The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. According to Tommy Davidson, he allegedly hasn't heard from Foxx since the book dropped a few years ago:

I haven’t actually heard from him. I threw some light on this because the book actually was about how my odyssey can help the reader.

While Tommy Davidson was relaying events from his perspective, it appeared that Spider-Man: No Way Home's Electro star, may have been upset over some of his co-star's thoughts. But Tommy Davidson doesn't seem to be worried about how his old co-star may feel about his book, as the Vacation Creation star said:

So, I just pointed out all the situations I was in that I was able to eventually transcend. It was really a road map for the reader … not only understand something but over-stand it.

According to the star, the goal of his book was for readers to learn and understand some of the experiences he had while filming the 1990s sketch comedy show. The actor didn't mince words when discussing things, either.

When Tommy Davidson’s book hit bookshelves in 2020, the In Living Color alum praised Jamie Foxx as a talented individual but claimed his on-set behavior was less than professional. Davidson also alleged that the multihyphenate was competitive while on the series, even saying that Foxx’s humor was “mercilessly mean,” especially toward him. The actor alleged that Foxx’s on-set antics were more about getting in the good graces of creator Keenan Ivory Wayans.

Things between the two stars reportedly got worse when they co-starred in the cult classic Booty Call. Tommy Davidson said old tensions rose again, as he claimed Jamie Foxx was trying hard to steal every scene they shared. The seemingly mutual ill-will increased when an alleged physical altercation almost broke out between the two over a basketball game.

Whether the Juwanna Mann star and Jamie Foxx will reconcile remains to be seen. It's certainly not impossible, but I think it's probably fair to say that the two aren't itching to join a cast reunion (or that reboot Jim Carrey wanted) any time soon.

In the meantime, you can pick up all five seasons of In Living Color on DVD. You can also check out Tommy Davidson on The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder along with other amazing shows on Disney+. If you want to see what else is on television right now, you can check out our 2022 TV schedule.

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