Why Walker: Independence's Shocking Romance Is A Disaster Waiting To Happen

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Walker: Independence Season 1 episode "All In." Read at your own risk!

Walker: Independence had me thinking for weeks that Abby's assumption that Sheriff Tom Davidson murdered her husband, Liam, was the biggest mistake she'd make in Season 1. That was bad, but it didn't even hold a candle to what transpired in this latest episode. Thanks to a Texas dust storm and a night of drawing pictures, Abby and Tom got all hot and bothered and ended up sleeping together before the episode's end. In case it needs to be said, this romance is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Sure, it does seem likely right now that Tom's brother Shane Davidson was Liam's true murderer, so this could be worse. With that said, I don't think it's that much better, especially given what we've seen in the past two episodes and where things might be headed. Read on for some reasons why!

Tom Is Lying About Where Shane Is

Now that Shane is the prime suspect in Liam Collins' murder, Abby was more than content to try and rally Sheriff Tom to pursue his brother and bring him to justice. The dust storm prevented Tom from hitting the road, but he later assured Abby that he put out an alert to nearby towns to be on the lookout for Shane. 

The problem is that Tom is likely lying about putting out that alert. Walker: Independence showed in the previous episode that Tom captured Shane and had him hanging by his hands from the rafters in a barn. Tom told his brother they needed to have a "chat," but that was the last scene we saw of them together. Perhaps Tom wanted to know who that random guy was who stabbed him and left him for dead. 

Following the dust storm and sleeping with Abby, Tom went out to the barn the next morning to check on Shane. He opened up the doors to find a cut rope, and Shane missing. Tom turned to the open field behind him and yelled for his brother, but predictably, Shane didn't respond. 

Shane is on the run, and there's a chance that Tom Davidson didn't actually put out an alert for his brother. After all, if Tom intended to turn Shane in, he could've done that when he had him tied up in the barn. I can't imagine Abby would like to hear Tom was protecting his brother from facing justice for Liam's murder, especially after this major romantic development between them. 

Tom Still Doesn't Know Who Abby Really Is

In Tom's defense, Abby is still hiding a pretty big secret from him that could've impacted his decision-making regarding what to do with his brother Shane. Tom still has no idea that "Abby Walker" is actually "Mary Abigail Collins," the wife of Liam Collins. 

I'm still a bit baffled on how the good sheriff hasn't put that one together, especially given Abby's overall push for developments in the murder case. With that said, I can buy that Walker: Independence just made Tom an oblivious but good-natured sheriff who will be devastated if he's blindsided by this reveal, especially knowing he was in a position to do something. 

Plus, trust is a big thing in relationships, and this budding romance is already sitting on top of two massive lies. I can't see a way how this whole situation ends well, but I am more than content to watch the chips fall where they may in the upcoming episodes. 

Walker: Independence airs on The CW on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. As this season rolls on, be sure to check out what other new shows are popping up on television with our 2023 TV schedule

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