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Despite Reported Tension, As Flip Or Flop Ends Tarek El Moussa Thanks Ex Christina Haack And Looks Back On A Decade+ Of Great Work

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This week saw the end of a beloved home renovation show, as Flip or Flop wrapped with its Season 10 finale on Thursday night. Stars Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack just announced that the end was nigh last week, so fans did not get a long time to prepare for the extremely popular series to finish up. But, despite reports of tension between the formerly married hosts, El Moussa took time out to thank Haack and look back on over a decade of the work they did together.

What Did Tarek El Moussa Say About Christina Haack And Their Time On Flip Or Flop?

Flip or Flop began when Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack were still a married couple, and pretty much immediately took HGTV by storm, leading to a franchise of shows in five other cities (with different hosts) and spinoffs for both El Moussa (Flipping 101) and Haack (Christina on the Coast). But, their split in 2016 seems to have led to increased tension behind the scenes, which is said to be the reason for them deciding to call it quits on the series which made them famous.

As you can imagine, it likely was a bittersweet announcement when they had to tell fans Flip or Flop was ending, and right before the final episode, El Moussa took to his Instagram page to thank his ex-wife and share some memories from filming. Take a look!

El Moussa really went down memory lane in his post, and noted exactly how long ago he and Haack decided to try their hands at becoming TV stars. Like he told his followers, though, there probably really isn’t a way to convey, in a few words and photos, just how much of a “wild ride” the past 12 years have been for him, Haack, and even their two young children.

After thanking their fans and many of the people he feels helped him and the show out along the way, El Moussa made sure to give “special” thanks Haack “for taking this journey with me.” It was a lovely thing to do, especially considering that each party supposedly now felt that Flip or Flop was “too intimate of a setting” and they needed “to close that chapter” of their professional lives.

Those who follow news on the series, or El Moussa and Haack, will likely remember that while they decided to continue their show after the breakup and seemed to be getting along pretty well both on camera and behind the scenes, tension was reportedly brewing. In July 2021, El Moussa allegedly gave Haack a lengthy tongue-lashing in front of the Flip or Flop crew, where he lobbed a number of insults at her. That report led to word leaking out about other supposed incidents between them during filming, with it being said that they’d gotten into much more serious disagreements than the one eventually seen in their final episode, even before last summer.

Both Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack have told fans that just because Flip or Flop is now over, it doesn’t mean that it will be the end for them on HGTV (or possibly elsewhere). So, now we get to look forward to whatever it is that each of them have coming up next.

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