Yellowstone Just Gave Fans Some Great And Unexpected News For Its 1883 And 6666 Spinoffs

Five years from now, the world may be in a place where Taylor Sheridan is responsible for creating half of all scripted television. We’re not quite there yet, but the Yellowstone co-creator’s fictional universe between Paramount Network and Paramount+ continues to expand with new updates for the western drama’s various spinoffs. Hot on the heels of the news that Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be starring in the upcoming 1932 offshoot, Paramount has revealed some solid news for the follow-up drama 1883, as well as the upcoming modern-day drama set at the 6666 Ranch in Texas.

All the Yellowstone updates are essentially tied to ViacomCBS and Paramount’s network upfront presentations for advertisers, and save for Disney+ dropping the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer, these updates are likely the biggest news of the week so far. Now let’s detail the new news for 1883 and 6666

1883 Is Getting A Follow-Up Season With Bass Reeves 

Considering the way 1883 ended on such a conclusive note, it’s not entirely surprising that Taylor Sheridan wasn’t overtly interested in a second season that picked up directly where the Duttons’ story left off. Especially since Yellowstone Season 4 followed up on Tim McGraw’s James Dutton and others through flashback sequences. It seemed like truly nothing would come of it, with the universe picking the story back up during a different generation with 1932

Now, however, it’s been revealed that the follow-up season of 1883 is the prism through which the already announced Bass Reeves-focused drama will shine. To the point where the project is being dubbed 1883: Bass Reeves, according to TVLine. The David Oyelowo-starring drama will still tell the story of one of the West's most legendary and prolific lawmen, and at this point, it appears as if it will be completely independent from the world and characters of 1883. That said, it would be pretty badass to see Oyelowo's Bass Reeves teaming up with LaMonica Garrett's war vet Thomas to take down a criminal or ten. 

Yellowstone’s 6666 Spinoff Is Changing From Streaming To Linear TV 

When it was first announced that Yellowstone would be taking viewers away from Montana and transporting them down to Texas for a drama set at the Four Sixes ranch where Jefferson White’s Jimmy spent half of Season 4, the project was set to be an exclusive streaming offering for Paramount+ subscribers. That was a totally practical choice, given the streaming push for 1883 and Taylor Sheridan’s drama Mayor of Kingstown. Now, though, presumably due to the massive ratings success that Yellowstone has achieved on Paramount Network, the powers that be have flipped that decision. 

Instead, 6666 will now be a linear exclusive for Paramount Network, according to Deadline, although one can assume that Paramount+ will have the streaming rights, thus avoiding the confusion over Yellowstone’s streaming home at Peacock. It sounds as if this new spinoff will be as hectic and stressful as everything else Sheridan gets his hands on, as it shines a spotlight on the place where some of the most successful cowboys in the world learned the ropes. 

It’s still unclear when either of these new series will be debuting on Paramount+ and Paramount Network, respectively, but we do know that Yellowstone Season 5 is currently in production. So here’s hoping more updates are on the way soon!

Nick Venable
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