Zendaya Shares Kitchen Injury Updates Proving Her Cooking Skills Aren't As Award-Worthy As Her Work On HBO's Euphoria (And Tom Holland Predicted It)

Zendaya as Rue in Euphoria
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Zendaya is known for her past work on the Disney Channel (which she’s proud of), and her current gig acting in various Hollywood projects – and she recently earned the honor of being the youngest woman producer ever nominated for an Emmy after Euphoria got a nod for Best Drama at the 2022 awards. It may seem like the actor can do it all when she's appearing on magazine covers and looking iconic, but she recently revealed she does have one skill she's not proficient in. Zendaya's latest social media updates humanize her a bit and show the world her cooking skills evidently leave something to be desired. 

Zendaya latest photos proved she’s not a great choice for any celebrity cooking shows unless she’s just there to taste the end result. The Spider-Man star hurt her finger with a knife and uploaded a picture of her finger wrapped in gauze to Instagram stories:

Zendaya's injured finger

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It’s unclear just how bad the injury was, but it looks like blood was still coming through after several wraps of gauze. Zendaya later posted an update from a hospital, which shows medical professionals working on her finger and applying stitches:

Zendaya's finger being worked on by medical professionals

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Zendaya is one of the most notable Hollywood actors out there right now, so I’d reckon she can afford a private chef. It seems like something like that could be in the works, because her final update on the situation confirmed she’s not going to attempt cooking for a while after her injury:

Zendaya showing off her injured finger to the camera

(Image credit: Zendaya Instagram)

The good news is that Zendaya appears to be all smiles following the incident. One would reckon she’ll get through this and make a full recovery, though who knows how injuring her index feature might impact any projects she’s currently working on. Maybe she’ll need a stunt double for any scenes involving hands, especially if Mary Jane, Rue, or one of her other characters needs to step in a kitchen!

Hilariously enough, Tom Holland basically predicted something like this would happen when the two were doing press for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Holland told Heart about his worries about Zendaya’s cooking, and how she can be reckless with a knife:

Every time she cooks, she comes millimeters away from, not chopping her fingers off, her hand. She’d be holding an onion like this and be like [aggressive exaggerated chopping motions].

Finger injuries aside, life is looking pretty sweet for Zendaya following the release of the 2022 Emmy nominations. As previously mentioned, she’s the youngest woman producer to ever be nominated following Euphoria’s Best Drama nomination, and she scored another nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress. Fans went wild when Zendaya won her first Outstanding Lead Actress award for her role as Rue back in 2020, so winning it again in 2022 would be a great achievement. Luckily the food at those events is often catered, so we won’t have to worry about Zendaya having another unfortunate mishap ahead of taking the stage. 

Euphoria Seasons 1 and 2 are both available to anyone with an HBO Max Subscription. Binge it all while Zendaya’s finger heals, and join in on the speculation for all the questions we have following the end of Season 2.

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