After Video Of Disney World Brawl Went Viral, Guest Involved Explains Bans, Arrests In Aftermath

Last week a video went viral showing a pretty massive fight between two families that broke out at Magic Kingdom. Videos posted by other guests showed two families involved in a fight that ended up clearing a space inside Fantasyland as other guests tried to stay clear. Now we have a bit more information about what exactly happened and what the results have been. Unsurprisingly, those results are arrests and bans from the property.

A member of one of the families involved, the family that was not wearing matching shirts, spoke with WDWNT and revealed that their entire family had been permanently banned from Walt Disney World. This meant they were needing to leave their hotel, despite planning to be there for another two weeks. In addition, at least two members of the other family have apparently been arrested, though on what charges is unclear. 

According to the individual, the family seen in the video wearing matching shirts were the aggressors in the incident, as they were the ones who apparently pushed the member of the other family as they were reportedly trying to rejoin their family in line at Mickey’s Philharmagic. The family in matching shirts were allegedly also the ones who waited outside the attraction to confront the other family after the incident in line, which led to the fight.

While one obviously needs to take the comments of one side of this altercation with a grain of salt, if it is true that one side of the fight has seen some arrests and the other apparently has not, it does put some weight behind this version of events. And while a person on one side of the fight likely wouldn’t know, if that entire family was banned from Disney World, we can be fairly sure that the same blanket ban came down on the other side as well, especially on those that were arrested.

Disney World tends to have zero tolerance when it comes to altercations like this so it seems likely that outside of the legal issues, the theme park simply decided to ban everybody involved. The ban is apparently a permanent one, though Disney World does let those that have been banned appeal that status, so it’s possible that at some point in the future the decision can be reversed. Perhaps, once more details are revealed about what happened and exactly who did what, such a thing might be successful.

While we rarely see fights like this at Disney World, we’ve seen more reports of altercations in recent months, which at least gives the impression that such things have been happening more often recently. Back in 2019 at Disneyland a fight broke out within the same family, which is the only time we’ve seen something even close to the scope of this one. Charges were filed against some in the Disneyland fight as well, though we don’t know what came of them. This one makes that one look small simply due to the number of people involved. 

Certainly, being banned from a Disney park is not how anybody was expecting their Walt Disney World vacation to come to an end. Videos show that there were some children, who obviously were not involved in the fight, in at least one of these families. One hopes they did not share in being banned, even if they likely still had to leave the park with everybody else. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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