TikTok Star Banned From Disney World For Life Is Taking His Campaign To Get Back Into The Parks To A Whole New Level

Back in March of 2021, a TikTok user named Jason Jeter achieved a level of social media stardom with a series of videos inside Walt Disney World. Jeter was a Cast Member at the time, and he created videos of himself doing fairly silly things most of the time, like drinking water from various locations inside the resort that were not necessarily designed for drinking. Jeter was eventually fired and banned from Disney World and has spent the last couple of months campaigning to have his ban lifted, and now he’s going straight to the top, by asking Disney CEO Bob Chapek to end his ban.

In a recent video on Jeter’s TikTok page, the man reveals that he has allegedly obtained the personal email address of Bob Chapek through some sources within The Walt Disney Company. So he’s apparently sent an email directly to Chapek regarding his suspension. Check out the video below. 


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Jeter posted several videos back in 2021 of himself at Walt Disney World. While one, that showed him drinking from random water sources on property was mostly ridiculous, another showed him walking into a wedding pavilion while it was closed, which likely didn’t sit too well with the powers that be at the resort. Jeter first lost his job as a Walt Disney World Cast Member, but when the videos continued, he was banned from Disney World for life

Disney World has banned people for any number of reasons. Those bans might be for a set period of time, or for life. The rules do allow those that have been banned from the premises to appeal their situation after one year, and so this past June, Jeter began his public campaign to get the Disney World ban overturned. It seems he has yet to be successful, so he’s decided to escalate his situation all the way to the CEO. 

The funniest part of all this may be Jeter making it clear, both in the video and in the comments that he actually likes Bob Chapek. The fact is there are a lot of Disney fans who don’t hold that same opinion, including, allegedly, the former Disney CEO, but I suppose in this case if you’re going to ask the boss to lift your banishment, you should probably be nice. Chapek is going to be around for at least three more years, so now is not the time to claim you don’t like him if you want something from Disney.

The decision to publicly post about this, seemingly after an email has been sent, but before a response has been received, is something of a gamble. Maybe there’s a hope that Chapek will be influenced to respond if the TikTok video gets enough response. At the same time, it seems highly unlikely that the CEO is going to do anything about this. If Chapek actually does respond it will likely be to say “this isn’t my department, take it up with the park” Also, “please lose my email address.”

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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