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Ana De Armas Shares Stunning BTS Looks At Herself As Marilyn Monroe As New Blonde Trailer Drops

History is about to be made, as Ana de Armas’ Marilyn Monroe drama Blonde is about to be released as the first original Netflix movie to have an NC-17 rating. That sort of milestone has people wondering what they’re going to see in this intense recounting of the late Hollywood legend’s life and career.

That curiosity has only intensified after seeing the first trailer to Blonde was unveiled. Now with a second look at director Andrew Dominik’s new movie freshly released to the public, as well as some stunning looks of de Armas on set, the picture has become a bit clearer. 

Even with what we know about Blonde, seeing new footage only makes the entire experience simultaneously more breathtaking and devastating. Thanks to Netflix (opens in new tab) revealing this fresh trailer, the world of Ana de Armas' performance has been further built to tease the finished product.

Shifting from joy to pain, and Marilyn to Norma Jean, Blonde’s new footage shows some of the further artistic tweaks that Andrew Dominik has used to highlight that duality. Switches in aspect ratio, with a mixture of black and white and color photography, enhance the double life that Ana de Armas' Marilyn Monroe claims to live. 

Those transitions are effective in this video above, as we watch memorable and tragic moments from Monroe's life appear. As de Armas' Monroe and Bobby Cannavale's Joe DiMaggio sit at a table together, their meeting frames Marilyn expressing her torment and pain in conversation. Moments both brutal and bittersweet are presented, as one moment Ana de Armas is frolicking on the beach and in others she's harming herself on screen. 

While we’ve got a new trailer for the adaptation of author Joyce Carol Oates’ historical fiction novel, Ana de Armas has also promoted Blonde in her own way. Taking to her Instagram account, the film’s star shared behind the scenes photos of herself from various moments of production. Here’s what de Armas shared: 

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Through those pictures, both in black and white and vibrant color, we also get to see more of Blonde’s cast in action with Ana de Armas. Showing off Adrian Brody and Bobby Cannavale, as Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio respectively, de Armas is pictured with two of her on-screen husbands in what look like tender moments. Knowing how this film is approaching the all too real heartbreaks of Marilyn Monroe, that tenderness will only last so long.

It didn’t seem like the world could be more hyped for Blonde’s big debut, especially with Joyce Carol Oates’ enthusiastic approval already being known. Soon the world will get to experience Ana de Armas in all of her dramatic glory, as we won’t have to wait too long for the debut of this historical heartbreaker. 

Blonde premieres on Netflix, starting September 28th. Be warned that the film earned its NC-17 rating for "some sexual content," so you'll want to be careful before watching. In the meantime, you can catch Ana de Armas in another title from the 2022 Netflix movie schedule, as she’s part of the ass kicking ensemble of The Gray Man.

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