Disney+'s Disenchanted Trailer Sees Amy Adams' Giselle Looking For A Fairytale Life In The Suburbs

We’ve long awaited our reunion with Amy Adams’ Giselle following the 2007 hit Enchanted, and now we finally have our first peek at its upcoming Disney+ sequel. Just as the Disenchanted cast took the stage at the D23 Expo to share with Disney fans what Giselle’s been up to, the trailer also dropped online. It looks like we can now expect the fairytale character turned New Yorker to transition to life in the suburbs with some exciting reunions, new music and a ton more magic spells. 

In the debut trailer for Disenchanted (above) and set to stream this fall, Amy Adams’ Giselle is still singing to animals in high rise buildings, but she and Patrick Dempsey’s Robert are getting ready to start a new life away from the Big Apple. However, their new home is a “fixer upper," and its problems lead Giselle to look to magic to solve her problems. 

As we learn in the first look at the sequel, when they show their new home and life to old friends James Marsden’s Prince Edward and Idina Menzel’s Nancy Tremaine, Edward gives Giselle a way to make a wish and change things to work in her favor. However, when she decides to wish for a “fairy tale life,” everything goes “terribly wrong” as Giselle puts it, because suburban life begins to look like a place right out of a storybook. And, in a wild twist, Giselle appears to become the “stepmother” stereotype to her adoptive daughter against her will. 

As you may recall from the 2007 film, as Giselle falls in love with Robert, she also creates a loving relationship with his young daughter, Morgan. When we pick up in Disenchanted, Morgan is now all grown up and played by Gabriella Baldacchino instead of Rachel Covey, and Giselle has a new child with Robert. However, as all these fairytale things pop up around their new town after Giselle’s wish is granted, such as talking animals, music numbers and jaw-dropping ball gowns, she begins doing terrible things to Morgan, like locking her in rooms and pushing her into wells. Will Giselle become her own fairytale world’s villain? 

With the trailer capping off with Giselle catching herself saying “Wicked good!” in a bit of a bad gal tone, we’re going to have to get ready to see a new side of the usually gentle protagonist. All the while, there’s a new major character in Maya Rudolph’s Malvina Monroe, who is a major player in the suburb. She gives off big villain vibes too, especially in one scene where she rocks an all-black fairytale getup we previously got a look at back in May

Along with the trailer reveal, Disney also revealed the official Disenchanted poster. Take a look:

Disenchanted poster

(Image credit: Disney+)

The tagline is “Happily Never After.” As a longtime fan of Enchanted, the trailer for Disenchanted has me super excited for the sequel. And while we have a good idea of what the plot will be, there’s a lot left to find out about the movie, including Alan Menken’s original music for the movie, following his work on the previous film. Disenchanted is coming to those with a Disney+ subscription on November 24.  

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