Enchanted’s James Marsden Offers Sequel Update That’ll Please Idina Menzel Fans

James Marsden and Idina Menzel in Enchanted
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After waiting over a decade, the Enchanted sequel titled Disenchanted is finally coming. Audiences can expect to see the magical cast from the previous film as well as some new characters to keep us excited. One returning cast member is Idina Menzel who played the potential stepmother role, but not in a wicked way. Now James Marsden, who played Prince Edward in the previous film, has a sequel update is sure to excite Menzel fans.   

When Screen Rant attended the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 premiere, he shared that Idina Menzel will actually sing in this sequel. This is an exciting change, as the Tony winning Broadway actress didn't sing a note throughout the first movie. What's more, he said that fans of the Frozen star will be pleased to know that composers Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz have written new musical numbers for the sequel. In the actor's words,

Yeah, 15 years later, we did the Enchanted sequel with Amy Adams and Patrick [Dempsey] and Idina Menzel, and Idina actually gets to sing this time. The first time, she was in a movie musical and did not sing. I don't understand that. But this time, Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz wrote all-new original music for the sequel. I think people are going to be very pleased when that comes out.

While this revelation may come off as confusing to this X-Men star, Idina Menzel told Movies Online that she actually wasn’t disappointed in not singing in Enchanted as she found it a compliment that her acting talents alone were enough to grab the role. The last time we saw her character Nancy in Enchanted, she chose to live in the Andalasian kingdom with Prince Edward while the main character, Giselle, chose to live in New York City with Patrick Dempsey’s Robert. After living like a Disney princess for 15 years and being reunited with Amy Adams for the Disney sequel, let’s hope for some songs about her life in Andalasia and a possible duet with Adams. 

Other thrilling new updates for Disenchanted follow Giselle, Robert, and his daughter Morgan moving to a new house in the suburbs overseen by Malvina Monroe, with the villainous role played by newcomer Maya Rudolph. After problems occur in their new home, Giselle works her magic to transform their new life into a fairytale only for the spell to backfire. No need to fret as we may have some classic Disney characters come along to help Giselle save the day. Since the last film was known for sneaking in plenty of Disney references, it should come as no surprise to see some more fun and nostalgic crossovers coming our way. 

Disenchanted is expected to arrive on your Disney+ subscription in late 2022. Make sure to look at our 2022 movie releases to find out when this long-awaited sequel will hit theaters. 

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