Halle Berry’s Moonfall Trailer Delivers All The Planet-Destroying Carnage Fans Want

Earth’s Moon has always been an inspiration, both for positive achievements and negative counterpoints. Halle Berry’s latest film Moonfall absolutely falls into that second category, as the latest trailer for co-writer/director Roland Emmerich’s latest disasterpiece shows us a moon ready to collide with Earth. But that’s just the start of our problems, as all of  planet-destroying carnage fans want comes with an even more interesting twist. As it turns out, the Moon’s been hiding something from us for quite some time.

Or, rather, NASA and the U.S. government have been hiding something about Earth’s Moon from the rest of the world. As told to us in Moonfall’s new reel of footage, Donald Sutherland’s character Holdenfield reveals that the infamous two minutes of radio silence during the Moon Landing wasn’t so silent at all. And the classified information in that historical gap could be the key to Halle Berry, The Conjuring series’ Patrick Wilson, and Game of Thrones John Bradley saving the day. Or rather, what’s left of it after those impressive tidal wave set pieces. 

Playing the hits from past films like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, and even the Independence Day duology, Roland Emmerich is about to put Halle Berry through her paces. Her character, Jo Fowler, was once an astronaut herself, and is now an executive at NASA. Somehow, her status hasn’t qualified her for the information that Donald Sutherland is laying down in Moonfall’s teaser trailer. 

The downside is that if Halle Berry’s Jo Fowler to have known earlier, the world might have been able to do something about this new threat. But the good news is, we get some awesome exposition building, presumably with Berry and Donald Sutherland holding court for what looks to be a captivating dramatic moment. And as we all know, it's those sorts of scenes that make for fascinating filling in-between destroying the coasts of the continental United States. 

Some of you might be thinking that Moonfall is starting to sound a bit familiar, and you’d be right. That same historical curiosity was what fueled the story to Transformers: Dark of the Moon back in 2011. But this time, instead of gigantic robotic spacecraft designed by Hasbro, we have what looks like swarms of nanobots ready to devour and destroy anything in their path. And that’s on top of Earth’s Moon being knocked out of its typical orbit, which is causing those huge destructive events in Moonfall’s latest teasing glimpse. 

Tidal waves look like they’re only the beginning, as recalling Moonfall’s previous trailer reminds us of the fact that those lunar nanobots look like they can both harm and hijack humans. Just when we learn that we can’t trust Earth’s Moon, which looks like an Apple store inspired base for some extraterrestrial threat we haven’t met yet, we now have to worry about whether Patrick Wilson can be trusted as well. 

Moonfall chooses to go for adventure on February 4, 2022, which leaves moviegoers two choices. Option A is to consult the 2021 release schedule, and see what films are coming before the Moon decides to land on us. Option B is to head over to our listing of 2022 movies, in hopes that somehow Halle Berry and her crew save us in time for The Batman to still make its intended release date. Lousy, inconsiderate moon trying to ruin the release calendar.

Mike Reyes
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