HBO Max's First Father of the Bride Trailer Has Me All In On The Andy Garcia Reboot For Two Big Reasons

The Father of the Bride franchise is one of those fan favorites that people keep hoping will pop up again in the roster of upcoming movies. While the Steve Martin/Diane Keaton variant saw a brief return via the virtual table read for Father of the Bride 3(ish), an HBO Max original reboot is the next fully produced version on its way. The recently debuted trailer for this Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan-led feature seems bound to win over even the most skeptical parties, as a wild twist and the humor presented are all I need to be on board with this new spin.

Andy Garcia looks on with tears in his eyes in Father of the Bride.

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This Father Of The Bride Reboot Has A Wild, Dramatic Twist

Watching the footage that HBO Max has introduced to the world, one wild twist already makes this Father of the Bride a huge departure from what we’ve previously seen. The usual comedy surrounding the central wedding is definitely there, as Billy (Andy Garcia) and Ingrid (Gloria Estefan) are running into pitfalls and pratfalls in the path to the wedding of their daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona). This time out, this couple’s differing viewpoints on the blessed event isn’t the major difference, thanks to the Gaz Alazraki-directed revamp throwing a massive curveball.

With Billy and Ingrid’s ongoing separation threatening to overtake their daughter’s engagement, the couple decide to hold their problems for until after the wedding. Rather than just replay Father of the Bride’s traditional plot of our paterfamilias and his disapproval of this film’s fiancé Adan (Diego Boneta), there’s another bittersweet angle to latch onto. 

Like any good reboot, we’re being sold something familiar that isn’t afraid to take big swings, and I'm really intrigued by that.  Of course, this wouldn't be a comedy without some fresh humor, and that happens to be another secured victory in this new trailer. 

Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia arriving at a dock with other guests in Father of the Bride.

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Andy Garcia’s Comic Timing Totally Nail A Line That's Absolutely In My Wheelhouse

Though it looks like even I, a moderate, but picky fan of the rom-com genre, might be won over by Father of the Bride’s more serious elements, the comedy has me sold as well. As the first look presented above continued to unfold, and I pondered that big divorce subplot, Andy Garcia’s sardonic sense of humor and delivery hammered away at my resistance even further. 

The crushing blow, besides Garcia looking at Gloria Estefan in her wedding dress with tears in her eyes, came from one line of dialogue. If you know me, it practically feels like the following one-liner was clearly crafted only for me: 

What is he, a Bond villain?

That sarcasm, dry as a perfect piece of toast, links Andy Garcia’s Billy to the legacy that both Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin have set up in the Father of the Bride property. If it was merely a joke about the James Bond movies, I may have chuckled politely and said no more. However, the unexpected nature of such a line, and Garcia’s brilliant timing, actually broke me into a moment of loud laughter. Should this promising energy be present throughout the entire movie, Father of the Bride could become one of the best movies on HBO Max.

Ok, Warner Bros, you’ve got me. I wasn’t so sure about a Father of the Bride reboot, despite initially warming to a Latine spin with a killer cast that sees Andy Garcia as its head. With this trailer totally winning me over, I’ll be among the audience members waiting for audiences to say “I do” on June 16th, when this movie debuts as a streaming exclusively for HBO Max subscribers. Let's just hope this metaphorical marriage is more of a happily-ever-after as opposed to the prelude to a disappointing honeymoon.

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