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Netflix Reunites The Father Of The Bride Cast For A Zoom Wedding With Surprise Guests

Steve Martin and Diane Keaton in Father of the Bride
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On the positive side of 2020’s shenanigans, we’ve been treated to loads of awesome reunions over Zoom throughout the year. Between the Parks and Recreation crew producing a brand new episode virtually and Josh Gad bringing a ton of famous casts back together, including The Goonies kids, there's been no shortage of memorable moments. Now, the nostalgia train has made a stop at Nancy Meyers’ Father of the Bride, which teamed with Netflix on Friday to broadcast a part 3(ish) to fans for a good cause.

Father of the Bride is one of those endearing comfort movies that just puts a smile on many of our faces when we think about it. Sometimes cheesy? Yes, but escaping to that world is a good headspace to be. Netflix replicated the effect of these movies with a cute 25-minute reunion featuring the entire Banks family from the original movies: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, George Newburn. And of course, Martin Short’s Franck made an appearance, too! Check it out for yourself below:

Anyone else misty-eyed? That was adorable. The reunion, which was written and directed by Nancy Meyers, aired on Netflix’s YouTube channel to benefit World Central Kitchen, an organization providing meals to families during the COVID-19 pandemic. During Father of the Bride Part 3(ish), the Banks family got back together for a family Zoom chat. It led to a surprise in true Banks’ fashion and enlisted some perfect special guests to add to the family.

Black Widow’s Florence Pugh played the daughter of Steve Martin and Diane Keaton’s character. As fans will remember, Keaton’s Nina Banks gave birth at the same time as her daughter, Annie, in the 1995 sequel. Annie’s son was played by Dear Evan Hansen’s Ben Platt, who brought his Tony-winning voice to close out the Zoom wedding by singing The Way You Look Tonight.

The storyline revolved around the youngest Banks sibling, Matty -- played by Kieran Culkin -- who reveals to his family that he’d like to surprise his fiancé Rachel (X-Men’s Alexandra Shipp) with a Zoom wedding and forgo their plans for a big wedding in Tuscany for now. (And sidenote: after seeing Culkin in Succession, it was so strange seeing him play a nice guy.) Steve Martin’s George is obviously shocked and a little disapproving but, once the rest of his family gets on board, he decides to roll with it.

The best bit of casting done for the Father of the Bride Zoom wedding has to be Robert De Niro appearing as Rachel’s father. De Niro and Martin hinted at some awkward antics between them within a few minutes and, now, I’m wishing we could see this rival in-law relationship play out on the big screen. Of course, De Niro has done something of this sort in Meet the Parents, but adding him with Steve Martin in the mix? Perfect.

The Father of the Bride Zoom did get a little too into the COVID antics for my liking – I just imagine they live in a parallel world where pandemics can’t touch them, OK? But hey, it makes sense, they were brought together to help with COVID relief. Another sweet part of the reunion was George Banks' voiceover, which played over his son's marriage which was spliced with scenes from the original movies.

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