Bianca Belair Talks About Wanting To Have The Best WrestleMania Match Again This Year

Bianca Belair on Monday Night Raw
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Most fan and critic reviews of WrestleMania 38 were really strong thanks in part to a bunch of very good matches. Tops amongst those showcases for many was Bianca Belair’s terrific nearly twenty minute showdown with Becky Lynch. The two WWE superstars gave fans an all-time match off the back of a terrific build-up that was both extremely technical and at times, surprisingly stiff. The result will be watched for years to come, which is probably why she’s focused on living up to it.

CinemaBlend got a chance to speak with Bianca Belair ahead of her match with Asuka during the press day at WrestleMania, and I asked her if she was thinking about how much praise she got last year when she was putting together her match this year. She said it’s in the back of her mind. She feels like she “stole the show” alongside Becky last year, and she wants to do it again. Here’s a portion of her quote…

Anytime I put a match together, I want to steal the show. That’s the goal. Coming off last year when (some people) said Becky Lynch and I stole the show, it’s in the back of my mind because I want to do better than I did before. I’m my biggest competition so I want to steal the show, just like last year.

It’s important to have a little swagger as a professional wrestler, both because it helps you on the microphone and because it can drive you to do really special things in the ring. Bianca Belair has that swagger, and she backed it up both times she was on the WrestleMania card. She had a great match with Sasha Banks back in 2021 when they main evented, and she was somehow even better with Becky Lynch last year (and in the SummerSlam rematch). Obviously we’ll have to wait and see how the match goes with Asuka, but there are plenty of people who think The Empress Of Tomorrow is one of the most skilled wrestlers in the world. So, there’s certainly a chance it could be something special.

Bianca Belair won the Raw Women’s Championship at ‘Mania last year, and she has not looked back. She’s dominated the women’s division for the last year, and there are many fans who think she should keep on holding the belt. It’s easy to see why too. I never really considered going against Bianca in my WrestleMania 39 predictions. She’s got a great visual look, she’s getting stronger and stronger on the microphone, and she delivers really well-done matches. What else would you even want in a champion?

We don’t know where in the WrestleMania 39 card Bianca and Asuka will slot in, but we do know they’ll square off on Sunday during the second night at The Showcase Of The Immortals, which will close with Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. Expect an incredible match or if Bianca has her way, the best match. Either way, you can watch the end result if you have a Peacock subscription

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