Former WWE Star Eva Marie Updates Fans After Ant Attack Requires ER Visit

Eva Marie in the WWE
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Eva Marie may not be one of the most celebrated in-ring talents the WWE ever had, but she’s managed to capture the attention of the wrestling fandom and gained a sizable audience online in both her stints with the company. (She even scored a spot on Celebrity Big Brother in 2019.) While she is not currently with the company, fans are checking in on her after an ant attack ended with her in the emergency room. 

WWE fans who follow Eva Marie on TikTok were undoubtedly surprised by her upload over the weekend, which showed the aftermath of an encounter she had with fire ants. Check out the video below, which shows Eva Marie in the ER with welts on various areas on her body:


Anaphylactic shock 🙈🙀 i had no idea Fire ants are no joke 🫣

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Eva Marie mentioned in the caption that she was treated for anaphylactic shock, which is an allergic reaction that can be very severe or even fatal without proper treatment. She was hooked up to an IV and receiving treatment in the video.

For those wondering, Eva Marie is on the mend. In fact, the video she recently posted was a bit dated, as she clarified in the comments the video was first shot over Labor Day:

I love you guys. I’m good now this was last week on Labor Day, but all is well now.

Bites from a fire ant are no joke, and even a mild reaction to a bite can result in pain and itching. Eva Marie’s reaction appeared to be on the more extreme side of things, so it’s good she was able to get to a hospital and receive treatment. Now she’s back to working out, so her health scare didn't keep her down for too long. 

Eva Marie’s initial journey in the WWE was an interesting one. She made her main roster debut in the organization in 2013 reportedly after only two weeks of formalized wrestling training. She was heavily involved in the E! and WWE series Total Divas, and was involved in the show and WWE programming for seven seasons before her release in 2017. 

In 2021, the WWE shocked fans by announcing Eva Marie’s return and making a big show of her return as an in-ring talent. The angle ultimately was used as a springboard to have Eva Marie work alongside current WWE star Doudrop and promote the new arrival in the brand as a formidable talent. Once she and Doudrop split as a team, she left television and wasn’t seen again until the brand announced her release in November of 2021. With other released talents like Braun Strowman slowly making their way back, perhaps we might see her in the fold again. She hasn’t mentioned anything as of late about returning, but who knows what the future holds? 

Eva Marie isn’t a part of the WWE currently, but you can look up some of her most iconic moments with a Peacock Premium subscription. Meanwhile, the WWE is pushing full speed ahead on its upcoming lineup of events, and it won’t be too long before we're back in WrestleMania season. 

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