Ric Flair, Matt Hardy And More Share Positive Thoughts For Jerry Lawler After WWE Legend's Medical Emergency

Jerry Lawler was rushed to a Florida hospital on Tuesday, according to various reports, and was treated for what's said to be a stroke. As more details about the WWE legend's condition surface, Ric Flair, Matt Hardy, and many more have taken to social media to share their well wishes for "The King." 

Reports of Jerry Lawler's hospitalization were first spread by Action News 5, which reported Lawler suffered a stroke at his Fort Meyers home in Florida. Lawler was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery and is reportedly in stable condition. Wrestling legend Dutch Mantel provided an update based on conversations he'd presumably had with Lawler's son, Kevin. Mantel shared what he learned with fans on Twitter

Just talked to Kevin…he said that he talked to the doctor who said that Jerry is improving. He suffered some paralysis on his left side that he is now regaining use of. The doctor said that Jerry should recover from this episode. Good luck Jerry.

Ric Flair, who has suffered medical scares in the past but has since bounced back, was one of the first in the wrestling community to send out positive vibes to Jerry Lawler. Flair, who squared off against Lawler in the ring at various points during their long careers, wished his colleague the best:

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Matt Hardy hasn't had a lot of on-camera interaction with Jerry Lawler since he's joined AEW, but he obviously knows the wrestler and always quotable commentator from his various runs within the WWE. Hardy shared a picture with Lawler and a message hoping that he's on the mend:

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Jerry Lawler has a history of medical issues, including a heart attack that occurred back in 2012 while he was appearing on Monday Night Raw. Ryback, a former WWE wrestler who was a rising star on the roster at that time, shared a picture of Lawler and wished him well: 

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Ricky Morton, a friend of the King as well as one-half of the iconic tag team the Rock n' Roll Express, asked the wrestling community to send good vibes Jerry Lawler's way in light of the incident: 

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Dustin Rhodes, son of the great Dusty Rhodes and brother of the alleged 2023 Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes, also took to the internet to send well wishes to his friend and colleague. No doubt Jerry Lawler made a few disparaging remarks about his controversial character Goldust back in the day, but that didn't stop Rhodes from wishing his colleague well:  

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There are a lot of wrestlers across the industry sending their best for Jerry Lawler and wishing for the former Monday Night Raw commentator to make a full recovery. Here's hoping for more positive updates as the situation develops and that he'll find his way back in front of wrestling fans after time to recover. Lawler recently appeared as a guest both at Raw XXX and the Royal Rumble, so one would imagine he will find his way back to upcoming WWE events, assuming his recovery goes well. 

CinemaBlend wishes Jerry Lawler well during his recovery and the best for his friends and family during this trying time. 

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