WWE Legend Jake The Snake Roberts Talked About That Time Andre The Giant Sat On Him And Farted

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Wrestling legend Jake The Snake Roberts spent a ton of time with Andre The Giant as the two men traveled the country and worked during the 1980s and early 1990s. The two often played cards together and sometimes even traveled together. Because of that, Roberts has a ton of Andre The Giant stories he occasionally tells in interviews. Most of them involve the big man’s legendary drinking, but now and again, he’ll tell one that’s a bit wilder.

Earlier this week, Roberts sat down with Wrestling News Co for a chat about a variety of issues, and the subject of Andre The Giant came up. The Snake talked about how much he loved him and how the two played cribbage together nightly. Then, he told a story about how the 7’ 4”, 520 pound WWE Hall Of Famer once farted directly on top of him.

The two were apparently working a match together, likely in 1989 during the famous plotline about Andre being afraid of snakes, when Roberts went down on the mat. The two normally worked a spot where Andre would sit on him but hold the ropes so most of his weight wasn’t on Roberts, but on this occasion, he slipped and the full force of his weight came down, which was made so much worse when he started farting. Here’s a portion of his quote…

He sat on me one time for about I guess a minute and just farted the longest fart ever. It was like thirty, forty seconds of just (fart noise). I couldn’t believe it, man. It was like, ‘He’s not really farting? Oh God he is!’ My skin was vibrating because his ass was right there. It was like holy shit. Lucky for me it didn’t smell like it sounded because it sounded like shit.

A few years ago, Roberts talked about the farting incident when he was a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. During that reminiscence, he elaborated a little more and talked about how hilarious Andre The Giant found the whole thing. He was apparently laughing so hard during the fart that the referee asked him why he was laughing. Here’s a portion of that version of the story…

I hear Andre laughing, and I hear the referee say, ‘Andre, why are you laughing?’ And he goes, ‘I’m farting!’ I’m like what? I can feel my fucking shoulder just vibrating, and he’s farting. You know how long a giant can fart? About forty seconds. It was like a steady flow. Man, he got up and I had like a wine stain on my shoulder. It was like a birthmark.

Andre The Giant loved a good fart. There’s an entire section of his terrific HBO documentary about it, and plenty of WWE legends have shared stories over the years about everything from him farting in strange moments to him using the bathroom and causing chaos on airplanes. That being said, there are just as many stories about how absolutely beloved he was by most of the people who knew him. Former wrestlers often talk about how much they enjoyed being around him and the wild nonsense they got up to. The Princess Bride cast is also always good for tributes and stories about how much they loved him.

We’re just a week away from a stacked WrestleMania 39 card, which will mark 34 years since Andre The Giant And Jake Roberts squared off at WrestleMania V. You can stream the big event for free with a Peacock subscription this coming weekend or you can go back and watch The Snake and Andre thrill crowds during their matches so many years ago. 

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