WWE Rumor Suggests That Logan Paul Could Face Off With A Major Sports Superstar In A Match

Logan Paul in the WWE
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 The WWE is suffering from roster issues as of late, with injured superstars like Cody Rhodes and largely absent superstars like Roman Reigns, and the powers that be have somewhat mitigated the lack of star power by adding one of pop culture's most polarizing celebrity athletes to its ranks. Logan Paul is now officially contracted with the WWE, weeks after posting photos of himself training for just such a career change. And according to a recent rumor, Paul may eventually step into the ring to take on his most marquee opponent yet, as boxing icon Tyson Fury is apparently targeting the YouTube-friendly celeb for a future brawl.

Word surfaced months ago that Tyson Fury might be headed back to the WWE following his brief and extremely expensive stint back in 2019. The latest rumored update, which Dave Meltzer mentioned in a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Bleacher Report), is that WWE execs reportedly believe that Fury wants to take on Paul, which quite a few wrestling (and boxing) fans would probably enjoy seeing. It’s certainly an interesting choice for an opponent, and that potential pairing would have some real-life ties regarding their respective siblings, should the WWE find it worth pursuing to sign Fury again. (His debut match against Braun Strowman reportedly cost the organization around $15 million.) 

Tyson Fury on Monday Night Raw

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Logan Paul’s brother Jake and Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy were set to go toe to toe in the boxing ring, but several delays have made it unclear whether it'll ever happen or not. Even if the world might not get to see that match, due to travel restrictions and beyond, we could very well see the older brothers doing battle in the WWE. 

The idea sounds pretty good in theory, though some logistical problems do need to be addressed. To start, Tyson Fury is quite a bit larger than Logan Paul, and while trained wrestlers of varying sizes compete against each other all the time — how would Andre the Giant or Earthquake ever have had opponents otherwise? — such a match could be a tall order for two talents who are relatively inexperienced in this specific world. One botched move could leave either or both worse for wear going forward with their careers, and even if Paul had an impressive showing at WrestleMania, he might not be ready to work with an opponent the size of Fury. 

They could always box, since that's what they're more used to, but that also seems like an ill-advised plan. The WWE once had featured Bart Gunn taking on MMA vet Eric "Butterbean" Esch in an actual shootfight/boxing match at WrestleMania XV, which ended rather quickly with Gunn suffering a brutal knockout. Logan Paul has a few professional fights under his belt, though I’m not sure he’s anywhere near the level of experience to actually box an world-renowned champion like Tyson Fury. 

When rumors about Tyson Fury’s return to WWE first surfaced, many assumed he’d be set for a feud with Drew McIntyre. Fury and McIntyre are closer in size and build, and with McIntyre’s experience, they could put on a serviceable match. Which isn't to say things would go absolutely terrible for Fury and Paul. 

Logan Paul is already set to take on The Miz at SummerSlam, after previously stunning a lot of wrestling fans with his exceptional performance during his tag-team match with Miz at WrestleMania 38. That said, it remains to be seen if he has what it takes to become a notable talent in the WWE. If he rises up the ranks swiftly, perhaps WWE execs would find it more justifiable to reach deeply into their pockets to pay Tyson Fury for another appearance. 

Peacock premium subscribers will be able to stream WWE’s SummerSlam on Saturday, July 30th. It should be a good night for wrestling, so be sure to snag a subscription if you’re a wrestling fan who doesn’t have one. 

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