Iron Man 2 Poll: Give Us Your Review!

By CB 2010-05-08 19:21:14discussion comments
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Itís the biggest movie even of the summer and itís not even in 3D. Iron Man 2 is back and in a big way. Itís projected to make nearly $130 million this opening weekend and that means odds are if you havenít seen it, you will soon.

Youíve read our reviews and heard what the critics think, but right now weíre more interested in hearing from you. After you see Tony Stark's sequel, tell us what you thought of Iron Man 2 by sounding off in our comments section, by talking back to us on Twitter and Facebook and most importantly by casting your vote in the official Iron Man 2 poll. Tell the world what you thought of Iron Man 2 right now:

What did you think of Iron Man 2?


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