Wolverine The Musical! Will Claw Its Way To Your Funny Bone

By Nick Venable 2013-07-19 05:53:02discussion comments
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Mario and Fafa the Groundhog, with their video blog series Glove and Boots, are always clever and pop culture savvy with their clips, but theyíve recently outdone themselves with their latest video, ďWolverine Ė The Musical!Ē which features Hugh "Logan" "Wolverine" Jackman singing about Hugh "Logan" "Wolverine" Jackman, just to be clear. It sounds like a goofy idea, and it is, but itís handled with snikt-filled aplomb.

As far as this video goes, Iím more on the ďcomic fanĒ side than the ďmusical fanĒ side, as my musical film intellect is as meager as the hair on the Wolverine puppetís chest is dense. So Iím glad the video contained mostly recognizable numbers from productions such as Oklahoma! and The Phantom of the Opera. And it would be one thing if these were just simple parodies of the songs being aped, but these lyrics take us all over Wolverineís psyche, from his braggadocious declarations to splitting his hero duties between different factions. It also sounds like heís calling out Canada for making him the half-monster that he is. I can get behind that.

And itís not just Wolvie, either. Heís joined by a bunch of very smarmy Multiple Men, the Hulk, and Spider-Man, who loses his head over the situation. Itís a hit from beginning to end, and definitely edges out Jackmanís own version of a Wolverine-themed musical. Check his out below.

Excellent combination, right? Iím going to have a hard time watching The Wolverine without imagining heís moments away from belting out a tune. Of course, I probably wonít watch it until many, many months from now when Iíve forgotten about these videos, so itís all right.

Speaking of, Glove and Boots recently posted a video where they gave thumbs up or thumbs down to all the superhero films of the summer, like Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, while also comparing the trailers for The Wolverine and The Lone Ranger. If nothing else, itís worth a watch to hear a deep-voiced Thor singing Marvin Gayeís ďLetís Get It OnĒ at the end of the video. Thereís nothing wrong with him hammering you.

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