Barbara Walters Hospitalized, Will Not Return To Work Tomorrow

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís been a bad few months for prominent women and falls. Just a few weeks after Hillary Clinton had a fall and had to be monitored due to a concussion, famous journalist Barbara Walters encountered a similar situation. On Saturday, 83-year-old Walters was visiting the British ambassadorís home in Washington, D.C. when she fell and cut her head.

Saturdayís event at the ambassadorís home was supposed to be a celebratory inaugural party. Instead, Walters found herself faltering on a step, whereupon she fell and hit her head. Politico initially announced the event, noting that after falling, Walters was taken to a local hospital, where she has yet to be released.

The good news is that the fall, while serious, doesnít seem as if it will have longer-term ramifications, unless the fall itself is a warning sign of something else. Additionally, the injury seems to be a cut and not necessarily a more serious cracked skull. According to reports, Walters is up, alert, and chatty, but so far there is no word on when she may be able to leave the hospital. At this point, doctors could be doing anything from monitoring a concussion to performing tests.

This is not the journalistís first big trip to a hospital. In 2010, The View star had heart surgery, but subsequently returned to work. In comparison, a cut on the head seems like small peas; however, it should be noted the famous lady will no longer be covering President Obamaís second inauguration on Monday for ABC.
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