Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry is pregnant. The forty-six-year-old is reportedly a little more than three months along with partner Olivier Martinez’s baby, and while neither party has commented publically, rumors are swirling that the child is a boy.

According to TMZ, Berry didn’t feel particularly well at the Oscars and was also concerned that she had recently gained a little weight. A few days later, she reportedly added up the details, had a light bulb moment, took a pregnancy test and found out she’s going to be a mother for the second time.

Berry and her former partner Gabriel Aubry have had quite a few problems with co-parenting over the past few years. Hopefully, she and new fiancé Olivier Martinez are able to stay on the same page for a little bit longer when it comes to raising this impending child.

Getting pregnant at forty-six-years-old might not be how most women plan it out when they’re younger, but successful people are able to roll with the punches as life delivers right crosses. No doubt having another baby in the house will be an adjustment, but on the bright side, it will give five-year-old Nahla a sibling and will hopefully bring Berry and Martinez closer together.



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