Halle Berry is a proud mother for the second time. The popular actress gave birth at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Saturday, and while not a whole lot of information has been released to the public, we do know the newborn is a male and more importantly, that he’s completely healthy.

According to People Magazine, the baby’s father/ Berry’s new husband Olivier Martinez has been at her side for the last day, along with her daughter Nahla from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry. All involved are reportedly very happy by the little boy’s arrival. Assumedly, they’d like to use this opportunity to move forward in optimism and positivity with only good vibes, but because of the rather bizarre family situation, it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to do that.

Last Thanksgiving, Martinez and Aubry threw fists outside Berry’s home during a custody handoff of Nahla. The fight followed a prolonged period of court battles between everyone involved over whether Halle, Oliver and Nahla would be allowed to move to France, and while everyone has vowed to move on, it’s unclear how this new baby might change that situation. Nothing increases tension quite so much as a huge life event.

On the one hand, you’d like to think everyone involved will be adults and take the high road for the benefit of the children. You’d like to think they’d get their acts together. On the other hand, however, it’s hard to trust people when they haven’t proven themselves trustworthy. Olivier and Gabriel brawled on Thanksgiving in a parking lot. Would you really bet any money that they won’t do it again?

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Will They Get Onto The Same Page?

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