Justin Bieber Reportedly Refuses To Kick Out His Troublemaking Friends

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Most people who have casually followed Justin Bieberís evolution from sweet young man to college-aged douche would probably point the finger at the Selena Gomez break-up as the catalyst for the shenanigans. That hypothesis certainly isnít wrong, but people close to the situation often cite two other possible problems in the pop starís life: Lil Za and Lil Twist.

Both Lil Za and Lil Twist live with Bieber inside his Calabasas mansion. They moved in to give the Biebs a group of friends to hang out with on a regular basis, but lately, theyíve started to seem like more trouble than theyíre worth. In just the past year, Bieber has been caught smoking pot. Lil Twist has been caught for driving under the influence in one of Bieberís cars, and shocking videos of abhorrent d-bag behavior involving the three man crew have gone public.

At first, the pop starís handlers just let it all go, but in recent days, theyíve reportedly been trying to get Bieber to kick Lil Twist and Lil Za to the curb. At the very least, they reportedly want them gone from his mansion, but according to TMZ, that doesnít seem very likely at all. The musician has reportedly spent so much time hanging out with adults over the past few years that heís really enjoying spending time with other people his age. Besides, he allegedly feels like theyíve supported him quite a bit over the last year, and it would be poor friend form if he didnít do the same after Lil Twistís DUI.

No doubt this story will be considered a disaster by most of Bieberís neighbors who are very sick of the entire crew, but even so, itís not particularly surprising. As numerous parents over the years have discovered, having a conversation with someone about how their friends may be bad influences tends to get the person to dig in his or her heels even more. That doesnít mean that talk canít cause a revaluation process, but it doesnít often happen overnight.

Iím all for Bieber hanging out with the people he wants to hang out with, but thereís a big difference between going out on the town with some wild friends and having some fun a few nights a week and actually living with those good times friends who might not be advocating sensible behavior.

Since none of us are there, itís really hard to know whether Bieber is the bad influence or whether itís the other way around. For all we know, Justin could be pushing for the outlandish behavior, but regardless of who the lil devil on the shoulder is, something needs to change before Justin winds up arrested or further vilified by the media who once loved him.
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