For the first time in about a month, optimism about Lamar Odom potentially getting his act together was running high this week thanks to a tweet that admitted he’s in a dark place, but almost as soon as that feeling of hope settled in, it’s been shaken by two far more disappointing rumors. First, it’s now emerged as a strong possibility that Lamar didn’t actually send that tweet, and second, sources close to the former NBA star are saying he’s blowing through drugs at an alarming rate.

According to TMZ, Odom is holed up in a rental property about one hundred miles outside of Los Angeles, spending his days smoking crack and listening to rap music. He’s apparently staying with two unidentified women in their early twenties and routinely sends his driver into Los Angeles to procure a small amount of drugs. That requires quite a few trips back and forth, but he reportedly wants it that way so as to not attract attention and potentially get busted.

Obviously, no one involved in this alleged relationship is speaking on the record, but the whispers are that Odom is involved with at least one of the women. Beyond that, he’s allegedly convinced Khloe will eventually forgive him for everything that has and will go on, but whispers are that she may be ready to move on already.

If nothing else, this cautionary tale should serve as a great reminder to people about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences. Clearly, Odom needs to get his act together. He’s slowly losing every single good thing in his life. He’s blowing through money and will likely end up in divorce court, but insead of imploring him to wake up, the people around him are reportedly just enabling him to continue.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Kardashian family, as well as Lamar himself. Here’s to hoping he’s able to get it together soon.



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