Lindsay Lohan put more grease on her downward spiral with the help of another arrest this morning. The actress, who is widely expected to be charged with lying to the police by the Santa Monica City Attorney within the next few weeks, was reportedly at a nightclub in Manhattan at around 4 AM when she got into a verbal altercation with a woman that later got physical.

According to Reuters, Lindsay allegedly punched her fellow clubgoer in the face multiple times, causing “minor, minor injuries”. After interviewing several people at the scene, authorities slapped some handcuffs on Lohan and hauled her off to jail. She was later charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault and given a court date to formally deal with the matter.

As is usually the case with Lohan, this third-degree assault charge would be a laughable slap on the wrist if it wasn’t for her obnoxious list of past legal problems. The actress is widely expected to get her probation revoked because of an impending lying to police charge over a car accident. Now that this assault charge is in play too, it’s almost a guarantee she’ll be charged with violating her parole, and if she is, she’ll more than likely wind up in jail.

I have no idea what actually happened during the alleged assault early this morning. Lindsay could have been provoked or she could have been acting in self-defense, but until she realizes habitually staying out at clubs until 4 AM on weeknights is a foolish, risky and ultimately stupid way to live, she’ll likely continue to be involved in altercations like this.



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