Kim Kardashian successfully opened her first Millions of Milkshakes store in Bahrain this afternoon, but that doesn’t mean the event went off without a hitch. Hard line Islamic demonstrators displeased with her general Kardashian-ness assembled inside a shopping area south of Manama, the country’s capital, prior to the big event, and local authorities reportedly made the decision to bring in forces in order to disperse them.

According to Fox News, riot police fired tear gas into the crowd not long before Kardashian appeared for the ceremony. It’s unclear whether she was aware of what happened prior to the event, but she went forward with her duties without addressing it or causing any kind of scene.

As for the higher ups in Bahrain’s government, they seem to be very pleased with Kardashian’s appearance. The reality star tweeted several gushing statements about the beauty of the country, and one was even later retweeted by the country’s foreign minister. If nothing else, she certainly brings with her a tidal wave of publicity wherever she goes.

It’s one thing to attract some fans and protesters, but the true test of Kardashian’s popularity will be seen in how well her products perform in the Middle Eastern markets. Once the circus dies down, it will be interesting to see whether the average Bahrain citizen has any interest in purchasing her milkshakes.



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