You know all the well-wishes and happy thoughts people have sent Lamar Odom’s way over the last twenty-four hours thanks to his decision to seek treatment? Well, apparently all of those good vibes may have been undeserved because now, conflicting reports are making the rounds that he didn’t actually check into rehab, which would make some sense considering his wife Khloe Kardashian was blindsided by the news.

According to TMZ, those closest to Odom are denying the story, and considering few things are better press than a known drug addict seeking treatment, there’s probably something to the denials. Going to rehab isn’t exactly the type of thing a man sneaks off to do on his own. Usually, other people are consulted, family members are informed and arrangements with friends are made for practicalities such as picking up mail and paying bills.

So, if Odom isn’t in rehab and he’s not with Khloe, where the hell is he? That’s the question of the day, and sadly, it’s very possible the answer isn’t pretty. After all, most people don’t simply disappear for a few days into a library or stop answering phone calls in order to pound through a marathon of Freaks And Geeks or Six Feet Under. Considering all the recent rumors, there’s a real probability he’s using because let’s face it, most non-addicts would gladly spend thirty days in treatment if it meant saving their marriage.

It’s not too late for Odom to get help, but every single day he spends making poor choices will only add to the difficulty of quitting later. Besides, if he were to magically sneak into rehab tonight or tomorrow, people would just assume the initial reports were correct and he actually was in treatment the entire time.

Within the next few days, we should get some definitive word one way or another as to what the hell is going on. A man as famous as Odom in a city as paparazzi and people watch friendly as Los Angeles can’t just hide out for weeks. He’ll eventually need to step out to get pizza or someone close to him will come forward and admit on the record that he is getting treatment.

We’ll keep you updated.



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