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Two And A Half Men Will End On This Date

Two and a Half Men became a staple under the guidance of star Charlie Sheen and 80’s mainstay Jon Cryer, with the tutelage of show runner Chuck Lorre who acted as producer on the series. The show garnered a total of 37 Emmy Award nominations during its run, with Jon Cryer nabbing two statuettes for his own mantle.

Did People Actually Watch Peter Pan Live? Here's What The Numbers Say

Well, the numbers are in and NBC’s live spectacular take on Peter Pan soared high, but was it high enough to make people think that live TV is a big thing again? Find out.

You Can't Hate Watch Peter Pan Live!, Says The Cast

Peter Pan Live! debuts tonight on NBC and is hoping not to run into the same problems that last year's The Sound of Music Live! ran into.

Inconceivably, You Can Watch The Princess Bride All Day On Christmas

A wish had been granted for fans of the comedy classic The Princess Bride. The movie is gearing up for a marathon special on Christmas Day. Find out where you can catch it.

How Jay Leno Feels About Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show

Jay Leno seems very much at ease with his post late night life and still gets to do what he loves: make people laugh (albeit on a smaller scale). New host Jimmy Fallon has seemingly taken the late night world by storm redefining The Tonight Show brand and making his show very different than Leno’s old LA-based gabfest. So what does longtime host Jay Leno think of his heir apparent

First Look At All-Star Holiday TV Special How Murray Saved Christmas

Its time to get ready for a new potential holiday animated classic. And it is not what you would expect by any stretch of the imagination! Below, enter the world of How Murray Saved Christmas starring none other than perennial mensch Jerry Stiller. But that’s not all!

Ray Rice And His Wife Set For Big TV Interview, Get The Details

After months of speculation as to when fallen-from-grace former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was going to break his silence, we now have an answer. What's more, he'll be joined by wife Janay Rice.

Matador Has Been Cancelled After One Season

The El Rey Network has decided not to move forward with a second season on the action drama Matador. The show from Robert Rodriguez’s network limped through just 13 episodes despite having the pilot directed by the El Mariachi auteur.

Inventors Are Getting Their Own Reality Show, Get The Details

Doc Brown would be so jealous. Finally a reality program that would show off his talents and make his DeLorean time machine a reality! SyFy Network is doubling down on their new Silicon Valley based show looking for the next big idea in tech start ups.

Where You Can Catch The Greatest Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

The 15th Annual Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2015 will be airing soon. It will put the new school versus the old school commercials in a dogfight for the top prize.

Watch Jimmy Fallon And Rashida Jones Hysterically Remix Holiday Favorites

Jimmy Fallon is already in the throes of the holiday season spirit. His enthusiasm for the holidays is infectious on The Tonight Show, and last night he brought along celebrity pal Rashida Jones to join in the yuletide cheer. Instead of a lip sync battle, the duo belted out a four- minute medley of modern pop hits with lyrics tailored for the holidays.

Watch Agent Carter Kick Ass In New ABC Trailer

Marvel girl power is in full effect with the new trailer for 2015’s highly anticipated Agent Carter. The brand new thirty second clip has Agent Carter aka Hayley Atwell doing exactly what we are hoping for in the series: kicking ass!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Play This Famous Baseball Player Over At Lifetime

It looks like Watchmen’s “The Comedian” is taking on the role of a baseball God. That’s right, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ready to put on his cleats and play a famous baseball player in an upcoming miniseries. He's joining an already impressive cast.

The One Walking Dead Episode Robert Kirkman Regrets

It is hard to believe that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman can have any regrets about his massively successful franchise. However, there is one thing from way back in Season 1 that still seems to gnaw at the prolific creator even all these years later.

Smallville’s Allison Mack Will Appear On The Following, Get The Details

The Smallville faithful can rejoice as their beloved Allison Mack aka techie Chloe Sullivan from the long running drama is returning to prime time. And the move is not to any of the superhero shows that are flooding the networks. Mack is instead returning to the very dark FOX drama The Following starring Kevin Bacon.

Cameron Diaz Raps In Funny Thanksgiving SNL Sketch

Cameron Diaz returns to SNL with a hysterical new rap spoof along with the rest of her posse as the rap group “Your Girls” drops their newest single. This time they tackle returning home for the holidays with their cut “Back Home Ballers.”

How James Corden Was Roped Into Late Night When His Career Was Taking Off

Just as his day job of acting was taking off, Corden got the nod as one of the frontrunners to take over for Craig Ferguson in the cushy 12:30 late night slot on CBS. But just what exactly convinced him to take the offer seriously?

Forget Musical Chairs: Here's Musical Beers With Mark Ruffalo

Jimmy Fallon may have a new staple game on his hands with the advent of "Musical Beers." This week he tried it out with Stephen Merchant and The Incredible Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo.

Jimmy Fallon Is Turning  Lip Sync Battle Into A Series, Get The Details

It was only a matter of time before Jimmy Fallon’s staple bit caught fire enough to warrant its own series. Fans have been flocking to YouTube to watch Fallon's "Lip Sync Battle" segments over the last few months, and now, they'll be able to head to cable to watch their favorite celebrities rock out to their favorite jams in a brand new series.

Syfy’s Ascension First Look Promises Murder And Sci-Fi Greatness

Ascension, the new three-part minseries from Syfy, is set to debut on December 15th, and it looks to be a thrilling and inventive watch. Check out this behind-the-scenes first look at the thriller, which teases murder and mystery.

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