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The Movie That Made Get Out Director Jordan Peele Decide To Quit Acting

Jordan Peele has been getting a lot of awards buzz for his 2017 movie Get Out. However, it wasn't so long ago that he was more known for acting than directing, and more known for being funny than for creating horror projects.

One Star Wars Actor Was Surprised His Character Survived In The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not without its casualties. However, one person who didn't die definitely thought they were going to.

Of Course Fifty Shades Of Grey Fans Are Having Sex In The Woods By Jamie Dornan's House

None of the Fifty Shades craze had really extended into The Cotswalds until Fifty Shade Freed star Jamie Dornan moved in there.

It's Official! John Stamos Has Gotten Married

The couple got engaged back in October, and the last few months have likely been a whirlwind for the bride and groom.

Watch Channing Tatum And Jenna Dewan Adorably Flirt In Their Step Up Audition Video

In the history of Hollywood couples, there are few as cute as Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum. But if you don't believe me, check this out.

Why Filming Sex Scenes For Fifty Shades Freed Was So Challenging

Although Fifty Shades Freed will switch gears a little and give the fanbase a movie that is equal parts thriller and sex, filming the sex scenes was still pretty challenging.

Rotten Tomatoes Will Take Action At Any Fake Black Panther Reviews
Jamie Dornan Wore A 'Wee-Bag' When Filming Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed is the final flick in a trilogy of movies about BDSM, and as such the film's leads, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, have spent a lot of time naked or at least mostly naked around one another.

Hocus Pocus Is Getting A Sequel, Just Not In The Way You'd Guess

Everyone knows that sequels were invented by candy companies! It's a conspiracy.

George Clooney Reveals What Happened When He Met Amal

These days, George Clooney is a family man, cracking jokes about how much work babies are, especially twins. Here's how his family came together.

How Fifty Shades Freed Will Be Different Than The Other Two Movies

Fifty Shades Freed isn't out for a little over a week, but many fans of the franchise have already read E.L. James' book series and have some idea of what to expect from the third and final flick in the trilogy. But do you?

Heath Ledger's Family Says The Actor Would Have Played Joker In Another Batman Movie

Although, DC has moved on to a whole new set of movies featuring a very different Batman, Christopher Nolan's trilogy of movies are still a crowning achievement.

All 9 Best Picture Nominees Made Less That The Last Jedi Combined

These days, big box office spectacles have a lot more competition.

We Can't Get Enough Of All Of These Photos Of Zac Efron Looking Creepy As Ted Bundy

We've known for a while that Neighbors and Baywatch actor Zac Efron would be tackling a more serious role for his next movie.

Famous Film Critic Richard Roeper Has Been Suspended

He's currently suspended by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Khloe Kardashian Is All Over Kim K's New Nude Photos With Braids

Khloe Kardashian may be pregnant and not super pumped about showing off her body at this point. Her sister, Kim Kardashian, also just had a baby.

Why Filming One Mission: Impossible Stunt Did Not Go Well For Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has become known for his stuntwork over the years. He's willing to hold his breathe, and jump off buildings. But sometimes these stunts hit snags.

What Justin Bieber Did Instead Of Performing At The Grammys

It's been a few days since we heard that Justin Bieber would be skipping the Grammys so as not to distract him while he completes his new album

Tommy Wiseau Claims A 3D Version Of The Room Could Be Coming

The Room has been gaining a lot more attention of late, thanks to the awards run of The Disaster Artist, a movie made about the making of The Room.

Netflix's When We First Met Trailer Is Groundhog Day With Adam Devine

Adam Devine has been working with Netflix a lot of late. Now he has a new Groundhog Day-type movie with a romantic bent coming.

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