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Will Last Man Standing Season 7 Tackle Politics? Here's What Fox Says

It was a huge shock when ABC cancelled Last Man Standing in the spring of 2017, considering the show still seemed to be a high performer for the network and did well in a tough timeslot on Friday nights.

Why Lethal Weapon Was Renewed Even After Clayne Crawford Was Fired

One show with solid ratings that also found itself in the bubble was Fox's Lethal Weapon, and that series very nearly did get canceled.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer's James Marsters Has An Idea For Bringing Spike Back For The Revival
Evangeline Lilly Had Some Problems With Her Lost Character, Including Nudity
Charlie Sheen Says He Has Been Blacklisted In Hollywood

It's been a long few years for Charlie Sheen.

Chris Hardwick Returning To NBC After Abuse Allegations

Chris Hardwick is definitely returning to work.

How Much Disney's Christopher Robin Could Make Opening Weekend

It has a lot of competition, but how will it do?

How Margot Robbie Feels About Getting Naked In Movies

Margot Robbie has recently played a stripper in Terminal, and now she's speaking out about nudity and sexual power in films, and how she feels about nudity in particular roles.

How The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Will Reference Damon And Elena
Outlander Season 4 Reveals What Stephen Bonnet Will Look Like

While we don't see Stephen Bonnet doing anything overly horrifying in the first look at Outlander Season 4, we do get the first glimpses of Ed Speelers as the major fictional character

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In August 2018

Although there will be less time for trips and other outdoor stuff as school looms on the horizon, there's plenty coming on the home entertainment front, both for kids and adults.

Ewan McGregor Interviewing Winnie The Pooh And More Is Too Adorable

Disney just sat McGregor down with special furry pals like Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. Yes, it's great.

Selma Blair Quits Twitter In Solidarity With James Gunn After Firing
Neil Gaiman Really Missed Terry Pratchett While Bringing Good Omens To TV

It's not easy to start a brand new job, and Neil Gaiman revealed at Comic-Con that doing the Amazon series was even more of a challenge than he expected, thanks to missing Terry Pratchett.

Kunal Nayyar Doesn’t Mind That Raj Is The Last Big Bang Theory Lead To Find Love
I Am Paul Walker Trailer Remembers The Fast And Furious Star

There are sides to Paul Walker his fans may not know about.

Will Seth MacFarlane Return To Animation? Here’s What He Says

MacFarlane is still the creative mind behind such animated hits as Family Guy and American Dad! and naturally his fans are curious as to whether or not he will head back into creating animated programs at any point in time.

HBO Says Westworld Season 2 Backlash Wasn't A Big Deal

It's been a few weeks since Westworld aired its riveting Season 2 finale, a finale that opened as many floodgates to new storylines as it answered actual questions.

Bill Gates’ Big Bang Theory Cameo Was Based Off A Real Event

Comic-Con is full of cool new footage, fun clips for the fans, and of course, moments with the stars of our favorite TV shows and movies.

The Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes To Film, According To The Cast

The cast recently reunited at Comic-Con to share memories from the set of the now NBC series, revealing which episodes of the show were the most fun to film.

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