Don't Worry Darling Fashion: Shop Dresses And Outfits To Look Like Florence Pugh, Harry Styles And More

Florence Pugh in white shirt dress Don't Worry Darling.
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Olivia Wilde's spirited second movie Don't Worry Darling has been heavily covered in recent weeks, though much of that has been over alleged drama between herself and Florence Pugh. Regardless, the movie itself has earned notice for its desert landscapes and pretty, bold costume choices and whether you'd like to look like Wilde, Pugh, or even Harry Styles, we've found all kinds of ways to take inspiration from the new movie. 

If you haven't caught the film yet, the Don't Worry Darling trailer still highlights some of the film's best and brightest style moments, in case you have some studying to do. 

How To Dress Like Florence Pugh's Alice Chambers

When I first think about Alice in Don't Worry Darling my mind goes to the actress wearing what looks to be her husband Jack's shirt as she waves him off to work each morning. Luckily, shirt dresses are in vogue in real life, and my favorite can be found over at ASOS.

$34.90 at ASOS

ASYOU Oversized Shirtdress $34.90 at ASOS

Even better, ASOS offers a curvy version from another brand too! Love how diverse the boyfriend shirt look is and how anyone can rock it. 

In fact, though, Alice Chambers is a big fan of white throughout the movie. The movie's costume designer Arianne Phillips, told Nylon that in any sort of movie with tense moments, white always makes her think of blood, noting, "Every time I see a movie and I see white, I often think there’s going to be blood." Alice wears white a lot in stark contrast to the colors many of her female friends are wearing. The most famous of these dresses comes near the end of the movie and features a sweetheart neckline and a lovely length, like this Revolve dress (though it's more of a maxi if you're short like me). 

$218 at Revolve

L'Academie The Sonia Midi Dress $218 at Revolve

If that look is a little pricy, the good news is that white dresses in that length are fairly in right now. So you can dress like Florence Pugh at any price point.

Another notable Alice look is the colorful floral apron she wears while doing housework and preparing meals from her Victory home. The apron was apparently one of the hardest things to get right, as Phillips also told Variety:  

There was a lot of pressure to get the perfect apron. There’s always one thing that holds so much story, and the seemingly simplest thing can be the hardest.

The good news? Anthropologie is usually here for the floral apron, and they have some delightful options right now, including a yellow-ish one like Pugh rocks while keeping house and home in order in the "Utopian" community. 

$38 at Anthropologie

Holly And Pear Apron, $38 at Anthropologie.

If yellow isn't your color, have no fear, you can go floral in other color palates, too. Try this Natalie Lete apron or one with birds and butterflies.

Finally, one big way Don't Worry Darling helps Alice's look to stand out is through accessories. Vintage earrings pepper the scenes, but while those are more difficult to find, Alice's hair accessories, from cool headbands to subtle bows, are in demand these days. 

$18.50 at Madewell

Two Pack Velvet Hair Bows, $18.50 at Madewell.

But Alice is not the only well-dressed housewife living in Victory...

Olivia Wilde in Don't Worry Darling.

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How To Dress Like Olivia Wilde's Bunny

Olivia Wilde's character goes for a whole different color palate than Florence Pugh's. She favors a lot of darker shades and bolder prints in black and leopard; she also wears red lipstick more often.  Makeup department head Heba Thorisdottir said this was by design, noting that Alice often favors pink tones to contrast "with the others' red lips." So how best to dress as Bunny? Try a scalloped trim dress

$41 at SHEIN 

Missord Scallop Trim Dress, $41 at SHEIN 

If you want to go full glam, in another scene at a party Olivia Wilde rocks a strapless, chartreuse dress with black bow trim. You can get really swanky with this $648 Amur dress at Neiman Marcus,  or you can still rock the bandeau top strapless look the actress wears with this retro (cheaper) dress. 

Another notable look Bunny rocks is a leopard swimsuit. The best part of that look is leopard print never goes out of style and Nordstrom has a period-adjacent and particularly adorable look right now, including the top (below) and these bottoms.

$89 at Nordstrom

Macrame Sea Level Bikini Top $89 at Nordstrom.

Just don't forget the red lipstick! I've always been fondest of MAC's matte line, and the brand's Russian Red is a solid pick for most skin tones, but there truly are tons of creamy looks and satin styles that would work perfectly with the aesthetic the flick is going for. 

$17.85 at Nordstrom

MAC Russian Red lipstick, $17.85 at Nordstrom

Next up, menswear...

Harry Styles' Jack helps Alice out of car in Don't Worry Darling.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

How To Dress Like Harry Styles' Jack Chambers

Styles has been known for his bold fashion choices on magazine covers and on stage. As Jack Chambers, he's a whole lot more subdued -- think lots of suits -- but his style is still effortlessly cool. There's more to it than that, but I'm not here to spoil Don't Worry Darling's ending; rather to just highlight it's showy looks. 

While ties complete these looks a majority of times, I do like when Styles rocks the collarless dress shirt and grey suit. (His mother seemingly approves of his looks in the movie too, as she's already shared her thoughts on Olivia Wilde's second movie.)

up to $49.50 at Nordstrom

Trim Fit Solid Band Collar Performance Stretch Dress Shirt, Brooklyn Brigade, up to $49.50 at Nordstrom

While any slim fit suit would probably do the trick, I really like the bright blue look the actor rocks that pops up early on in the film when he's readying for work. 

$139 at ASOS

Jack & Jones Premium Blue Slim Fit Suit, $139 at ASOS

Honestly, the retro short-sleeved shirts worn by Chris Pine, Styles and others in the movie are among my favorite fashion moments. They seem to have already been making a splash even before the movie made a good amount of moolah at the box office, and you can nab a retro look at ASOS. 

$30 at ASOS

ASOS Design Striped Retro Shirt, $30 at ASOS

Soon, you too will be dapper enough for the Victory Project and all its secrets. 

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