HBO Max Dropped Its Price To $1.99 For Cyber Monday, But You Have To Act Fast

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While Cyber Monday is obviously the more online-specific way for consumers to utilize their pre-Christmas gift budgets, let’s not act like there aren’t excellent Black Friday deals that consumers can tap into from the comfort of their own home, with or without post-Thanksgiving headaches involved. HBO Max, for example, has introduced an excellent limited-time deal for potential customers to subscribe their way into 2023 without any kind of a financial strain, so that we can all live vicariously through The White Lotus’ pampered ensemble going into the HBO hit’s Season 2 finale. 

HBO Max:  Now just $1.99/month (opens in new tab)

HBO Max: Now just $1.99/month (opens in new tab)
With everything that HBO had and then some, HBO Max has original hit shows like Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon, Succession, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more. 

Check out our HBO Max Subscription guide (opens in new tab) to learn more or sign up for HBO Max here (opens in new tab)

Everyone looking to spend the holiday season with as much entertainment as possible will presumably agree this Black Friday deal is a no-brainer to opt in on: three months of HBO Max for just $1.99 a month. All you have to do is click here (opens in new tab) to lock it down before Titans’ Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem get to you first. Which is to say, you’ll have to act fast, because it’s only available for a one-week stretch, with the deadline hitting Monday, November 28. No reason to wait until after buying a new smart TV to stream the shows on, though, since there are plenty of shows and movies to zoom through while waiting for the platform’s upcoming releases.  

Eligibility And Other Details

As it goes with everything requiring sign-ups, there are of course some fine-print details involved, but this particular Black Friday deal is actually pretty lenient in all respects, as the $1.99/month deal is available for both new and returning customers, with only those who have current HBO Max subscriptions void from getting the discount. (The Terms and Conditions don’t mention any date stipulations for how long ago one’s most recent subscription would be.) 

The monthly $1.99 fee is for HBO Max with Ads, so this won’t be the ad-free version, but it’s an 80% discount off of the regular $9.99 charge. Paying $6 for three months of programming of this tier, as opposed to $30 (or more for the ad-free option) is an easy win for those who aren’t as mindful about streaming promos. 

For those who cancel the subscription ahead of the renewal, you’ve got it made in the shade at that point. For those who don’t, either accidentally or intentionally, you’ll be charged the full $9.99 from that point forward. Which still isn’t a bad bet, considering everything at one’s fingertips. 

Why An HBO Max Subscription Is Worth It

This is definitely one of the best streaming deals available at the moment, in that it’s cheap, even if limited, and offers the most bang for the (six) bucks. Check out some current and upcoming highlights that are currently available, since the massive library of Warner Bros blockbusters, DC films and series, Cartoon Network classics, and HBO Max Originals is too massive to list in full here. (But yes, it’s the best place to start watching all of the Batman movies in sequential order, most preferably in a Batcave-themed screening room.)

  • Recent HBO and HBO Max hit series such as: House of the Dragon, The Flight Attendant, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, A Black Lady Sketch Show, Peacemaker, The Rehearsal, My Brilliant Friend, Harley Quinn, Succession, Barry
  • These currently ongoing and new gems: Avenue 5, The White Lotus, Titans, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Garcia!, The Big Brunch, A Christmas Story Christmas 
  • Highly anticipated shows like: The Last Of Us, The Penguin, Euphoria Season 3, Doom Patrol Season 4, Station 11 Season 2, True Detective: Night Country, The Idol, The Sympathizer, His Dark Materials’ Final Season, Velma
  • A ton of popular films and shows: Rick and Morty, Friends, Barbarian, The Big Bang Theory, everything Scooby-Doo, Fixer Upper: The Castle, all the Harry Potter movies, Don’t Worry Darling, Love, Lizzo, and much, much more

Act fast, Morty, so that you can get three months of HBO Max for the same price of a…nothing costs six dollars anymore, Morty. Check out the entirety of everything heading to the small screen with our 2022 TV schedule and our 2023 premiere guide.

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