House Of The Dragon: 8 Questions I Hope Get Answered In Season 2

Alicent and Rhaenyra in House of the Dragon.
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2022 was a big year for fantasy shows, because not only did fans of the genre have Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime as well as The Sandman on Netflix, fans of the universe of Game of Thrones were given a whole new show to watch: House of the Dragon, and boy was it a success. 

The show ended up becoming one of the best fantasy shows out there and broke several records throughout the ten-week run of its first season. While we are most certainly going to be waiting more than a year for House of the Dragon Season 2, we can still think about all the questions we want answered before we return back to the old world of Westeros. For those who are just as curious as I am, here are some questions I need to have answered when Season 2 eventually comes around. 

Ewan Mitchell as Aemond after killing Luke on Vhagar in House of the Dragon

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Is Aemond Going To Be The Direct Revenge For Lucerys’ Death? Or Will They Instantly Go To War?

Something I’m very curious about is if Lucerys’ death in House of the Dragon is going to be the direct cause of war. Up until the Season 1 finale, Rhaenyra was trying to do everything as peacefully as possible in order to find allies without striking the first blow, but now, her son has been killed and obviously, as we saw in the final episode, the Black Queen is pissed. 

As she should be, because that’s her son who was literally torn to shreds by Vhagar! At the same time, it makes me wonder: is it just going to be Lucerys’ death that causes her to go to war or is there something else she’s going to do before striking? Aemond certainly deserves some sort of punishment, but I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to happen. 

Helaena Targaryen in House of the Dragon.

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Is Blood And Cheese Going To Happen Or Is That Too Graphic?

For all my Fire and Blood readers, you know exactly what Blood and Cheese is. To avoid spoiling all of those who haven't read George R.R. Martin's book, let’s just say that something very bad happens to Helaena’s children. That is all I’ll say. 

However, I wonder if there will be changes to that, if it even happens. The reason this occurs in the book is because it’s confirmed that Aemond intentionally led Vhagar to kill Lucerys, but in the television series, Aemond looked to be remorseful of his decision. Whether this impacts if Daemon chooses to do Blood and Cheese is unknown at this point. 

But if he still ends up doing it, are the scenes going to be as, ah, graphic as in the book? Because I don’t know if I can handle that. 

John Macmillan as Laenor Velaryon in House of the Dragon

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Are We Ever Going To See Laenor Again? 

My man really said, “I am going to live my life and sail off into the distance with my lover.” The whole Laenor situation was something that surprisingly worked well for both him and Rhaenyra, as she wanted to marry Daemon anyway. While it did cause animosity between Rhaenys and Rhaenyra (because Rhaenys doesn’t know the truth about Laenor), it all seemed to work out in the end because Laenor is still alive – just off in Essos with his lover. 

But I do wonder if we’ll see him again. In Fire and Blood, Laenor is already dead at this point, so it makes me wonder why exactly the creators of House of the Dragon decided to keep him alive. Maybe it was so he could have a happier ending, or maybe he’ll end up playing a role down the line. Who knows? 

Vermithor in House of the Dragon

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Who Is Going To Take On Vermithor?

The House of the Dragon dragons are literally terrifying, and Vermithor is probably one of the scariest mythical creatures I have ever seen. Yes, I am freaking out. We also need to talk about the fact that Daemon willingly went down into the caves of Dragonstone alone just so he could have the chance of waking up this dragon to strengthen Team Black in the war. As hotheaded as he can be, he’s quite the brave man. But this begs the question – who is going to claim Vermithor, the second largest dragon in the realm? 

Daemon, Rhaenyra, Rhaenys, Jacaerys, Joffrey, and Baela all have their own dragons, although not all have appeared on screen yet. Lucerys and his dragon are gone, so who is going to take on Vermithor in Team Black? Rhaena might be interested in claiming a dragon, but Vermithor seems to be very aggressive for somebody who has never ridden one before. I don’t know how well it’ll go if an experienced rider tries to claim him as a second dragon. I want to say Daemon, but I don’t know.

Alicent and Otto in House of the Dragon.

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Is The Rift Between Alicent And Otto Going To Continue?

While Episode 9 of House of the Dragon Season 1 was not my favorite, it did introduce a very good dynamic that I hope carries into Season 2, and that’s the growing rift between Alicent and Otto. 

At the beginning of the season, when Alicent was a child and Otto the Hand to Viserys in his younger years, these two seemed at least close, but as time has gone on and Alicent has grown up, she began to realize that she really was just another pawn in her father’s game, and she confronted him about it in Episode 9. But since we don’t see them both in Episode 10, it makes me wonder if this is going to stay the same. 

And with impending war on the way, is this only going to break them or build them up? 

Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in House of the Dragon

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What Exactly Is Lord Larys Strong's Game?

Larys Strong just feels like another version of Petyr Baelish but a whole lot creepier – yes, I am still recovering from that foot scene weeks later – but I have to wonder: what exactly is his game? I feel like with Baelish in the original Game of Thrones cast, all he was looking for was power, the ability to control people to his heart’s desire, and to play his cards the best way possible with alliances and betrayals willy-nilly. He was a snake in human form. But with Larys, I… don’t know exactly what the heck he is doing. 

I feel like he’s also searching for power, but in a much more subtle way? He’s not as aggressive from what I’ve seen and looks to only be some sort of informant for the queen who will do her bidding as much as she needs... for a price, obviously. But what else is he planning? Everyone in these shows has an ulterior motive and I’m struggling trying to figure out what his is. 

Sonoya Mizuna as Mysaria in House of the Dragon

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How Is Mysaria Going To Fit Into Everything?

I refuse to believe that they killed off Mysaria in a freaking fire. Get out of here. There’s no way that she would be considered a main cast member just for her to be killed off in a fire. I know this is the GOT world but you can’t tease the fact that she’s going to have some major role in the show as if she’s the new Varys with all her little spies and then say “Oh no, she’s gone in a fire.”

Nah, I don’t believe that for a second. If Season 2 comes around and she’s not alive, I’ll stand corrected then. But until that time comes, I am waiting for her to return, which makes me wonder how she’s going to fit into all this. 

Obviously, at the beginning of the show, we could see she had an interesting relationship with Daemon. While that’s not the case now, maybe they’ll end up working together on a more political front in the future. 

Winterfell in Game of Thrones.

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When Are We Going To See Winterfell Again?

I miss Winterfell, man. I miss the Starks. I love the Targaryens (and their ever-complicated family tree) but the Starks have always had a place in my heart and the House of the Dragon finale teased Jacaerys going to Winterfell. I am dying inside to see it, especially Cregan Stark. Let me tell you – the House of the Dragon cast is amazing, but you haven’t met Cregan Stark yet. And boy, is he going to rock your world. 

But with the timelines in these shows, and all the drama happening, it makes me wonder when I’ll even get to see Winterfell again. How soon is soon? Are we going to swing right into it in the first episode of Season 2? I’m dying up here. 

Can 2024 get here sooner? I need to know what’s next before I overthink everything and theorize about all the deaths to come, but I suppose that’s just what comes with being a House of the Dragon fan. I’ll be rewatching until then.  

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