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10 Things You Should Never Do While Playing Pokemon Go

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While the chatter for Pokemon Go has died down a little bit, people are still playing the overly popular mobile game. But as a Pokemon Go player, there are some thing you probably shouldn't do when you're playing. While these may seem like no-brainers, it's no surprise that many people fail to follow these rules.

Don't trespass on private property.

This is probably the most talked about problem with Pokemon Go. It's great that the app gets people outside socializing and exploring, but some people have been taking that aspect of Pokemon Go a little too far. People have complained that Pokemon Go players have been trespassing to get to Pokemon that might be in people's yards. Other players have been getting into places that are off limits to the public. When it comes to Pokemon Go, you're going to just have to ignore that Jynx inside that apartment complex. It's not worth getting arrested for trespassing.

Don't play in churches, mosques, synagogues or other religious establishments.

Yes, it is a known fact that Pokemon like Ghastly and Haunter may be found near religious places like churches. But that doesn't mean you have to actually go inside the establishment and disturb the peace just to catch a Pokemon. Instead, try going as far as the parking lot and if you still can't get to the Pokemon you want, leave. Especially if there is a service currently occurring, don't be "that guy" and walk into the middle of it to catch a damn Pokemon. Go look somewhere else.

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Don't play in museums, memorials (that aren't outdoors?) and other places where it may be disrespectful.

This proved to be a problem when people were hunting for Pokemon around the Holocaust museum. Many people said it was disrespectful. Truth is, it kind of is disrespectful. If you happen to be at a museum looking at exhibits and pull out your Pokemon Go for a minute while you wait for your friend who's in the bathroom, that's fine. But don't go to a memorial or museum with the sole intention of playing Pokemon Go. You might not only be disrespectful to the memorial, but also to the people around you who didn't come there for Pokemon Go.

Don't keep all the game-play tips to yourself (share your knowledge, especially with younger players!)

Los Angeles has many Pokemon Go groups on Facebook where people can share tips and information with other players. If you've located a nest or have found a rare Pokemon somewhere, share it with someone in one of these groups so other people can participate. I can understand the need to want to keep secrets to yourself, but if you figured out Charizard likes to hang out near fire stations, I mean the best part of that is finding it out and then seeing people's reactions when you post it. Sharing is caring, especially in the very friendly and open community of Pokemon Go.

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Don't forget to look where you're going.

There has already been countless news stories about people walking off of cliffs or falling into mineshafts because they were playing Pokemon Go. The game warns you before it loads to be alert of your surroundings, and Niantic is serious about this warning. Look up every few seconds so you know where you are going. Or stop in a safe place so you aren't walking blindly. It's not worth your life.

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Don't play while you're driving.

Again, something that has been on the news a number of times now. I can't stress this enough, but please, do not Pokemon Go and drive. The game is so distracting for those trying to drive. You can't just glance at your phone with Pokemon Go. It requires a lot of staring, so it's definitely not a game you should play when driving. Instead, pull over to a safe area if you need to get a rare Pokemon. Or have your passenger play for you, which is what I do, so I can focus on the road.

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Don't play while you're crossing a busy street.

This is probably one of the most annoying things I've seen so far with Pokemon Go. When you're waiting for someone to cross the street in a crosswalk and you can obviously tell they are playing Pokemon Go, it gets pretty irritating when you see that person stop, flick their finger to catch a Pokemon and then move again, only to stop again to flick. Be respectful of the drivers waiting for you to cross and just look ahead and book it across the street. A distance of across the street won't change the location of the Pokemon you are trying to catch, and if they are already on your screen to battle, they won't go anywhere.

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Don't stop to catch a Pokemon in an awkward ordangerous place.

This kind of goes along with the last note, but don't stop in a bad place to catch a Pokemon. For example, if you're on a busy street and people are walking all around you, don't stop suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk to catch it. Move to the side so people can get by you. This is probably another one of the most annoying things Pokemon Go players do that drives me absolutely nuts.

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Don't Use Pokemon Go to catcall girls or guys on the street.

The Pokemon Go group I am a part of on Facebook in Los Angeles has had some problems with sexual harassment against women. I've also heard stories of guys using Pokemon lures to lure in women to a PokeStop to hit on them. Guys, or girls, whomever, don't do it. Not only is it extremely weird, but it's totally uncomfortable and inappropriate. If you want a girlfriend or boyfriend who is into Pokemon Go bad enough, go invest your time in the Pokemon Go dating app, and leave the players alone.

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Don't harass someone when they take a gym from you.

In Pokemon Go, it's easy to see when a gym is being taken over and people in the area know you have to be near the gym to fight for it. So some people might look around to see who is taking the gym from them. One of CinemaBlend's coworkers said they had a guy yell at them from across the street for taking their gym. Pokemon Go players, don't harass people who take your gym. It's lame. Just bulk up your Pokemon and take it back, it's not that big of a deal, and it literally happens to every Pokemon Go player.