While the chatter for Pokemon Go has died down a little bit, people are still playing the overly popular mobile game. But as a Pokemon Go player, there are some thing you probably shouldn't do when you're playing. While these may seem like no-brainers, it's no surprise that many people fail to follow these rules.

Don't trespass on private property.

This is probably the most talked about problem with Pokemon Go. It's great that the app gets people outside socializing and exploring, but some people have been taking that aspect of Pokemon Go a little too far. People have complained that Pokemon Go players have been trespassing to get to Pokemon that might be in people's yards. Other players have been getting into places that are off limits to the public. When it comes to Pokemon Go, you're going to just have to ignore that Jynx inside that apartment complex. It's not worth getting arrested for trespassing.

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