Titanfall 2 Meets The Beatles In The Newest Trailer, Check It Out

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are getting ready to release the sequel to the 2014 outing of Titanfall. Ahead of the game's release they have a new trailer out that gives gamers a short and entertaining look at the mech-themed shooter, with an accompanying song from The Beatles.

A series of new videos have been released recently for Titanfall 2 over on the the Titanfall YouTube channel. The video above featuring the classic rock band only clocks in at 30 seconds (which possibly gives them a little bit of leeway when it comes to copyright issues) featuring some mega-ton mechs at play in the futuristic playground of destruction.

The trailer features a cover of The Beatles' "Come Together." It starts off with an explosion as a pilot does a running superman-punch onto an unsuspecting foe. This all happens within the span of just four seconds. The trailer moves through quickly, blaring at the speed of sound. The Titan drops from the sky and lands just as the pilot runs off the wall and dives into the cockpit.

We're only 10 seconds in at this point.

The Titan proceeds to take down an enemy, and then engages in a one-on-one fight with another Titan who has a rather impressive looking long-blade. The clip fades out as the pilot and the Titan attempt to clash with the enemy -- the Titan performing the same superman-punch that the pilot did earlier in the clip.

Technically the action lasts for only 23 seconds. The other seven seconds are reserved for promoting two of the other trailers for Titanfall 2 along with reminding gamers that the upcoming first-person shooter is due for launch on October 28th.

This new trailer follows close on the heels of Respawn revealing more of the customization features of Titanfall 2, where gamers can outfit both the pilot and the Titan of their choice with all new camouflage war paint and some cool, colorful liveries. Not only can you customize the Titans and the pilots, but you can also change the designs on the weapons as well.

According to Respawn, they wanted the customization -- and especially the war paint -- to coincide with the environments, so players picking and choosing the right camo can actually use it to blend in and meld with the environment in Titanfall 2.

There are some debates taking place across the promo videos for the game, with some gamers begging Respawn and EA to delay Titanfall 2 to avoid it being cannibalized by Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. It's a fair suggestion, because even I'm worried about the sales of the game. There's just so much stiff competition due out this fall I would hate to see the game fail because too many people couldn't pick it up due to pledging their support to Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty. All three games are due out within weeks of each other.

Nevertheless, if Respawn and EA can keep the promo trailers engaging and keep potential consumers engaged, maybe they'll be able to get in some decent sales for Titanfall 2 this holiday season.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.