Even though it's called Black Friday, in some places the day of deals has already begun. Regardless, there are lots of great video game deals all over retail stores, both of the brick and mortar and online variety. Whether you're planning on jumping on the internet, or camping in front of a store, you need to know which store to get in line for, so here's a run down of the best Black Friday deals this year.

This list is far from comprehensive, but these are the deals that caught our eye as worth picking up. if we were in the market for such things, which we are, and also willing to brave the crowds, which we are not. Those online deals look pretty sweet, though.


The biggest online retailer in the universe has a number of great deals on everything from games to consoles and accessories. If you're looking for a quality headset without spending money Amazon has solid deals on them, as well as on several games that are worth picking up for sweet deals.

Tales from the Borderlands - $14.79 (disc version)

Batman: Arkham Knight - $10.73

Turtle Beach Stealth 520 headset - $100.06

ReCore - $19.99

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