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Super Mario Run

A ton of new content is set to arrive in Super Mario Run for mobile devices. Nintendo's first major Super Mario title for iOS and Android smartphones will receive all new stages, a new character, new abilities and a few other goodies come September 29th.

IGN is reporting that Princess Daisy will be joining the game and will be able to utilize a special double-jump ability that isn't available to Mario. Daisy will be joined by an all-new world for players to run and jump through, along with a brand new mode.

Playing as Daisy isn't just handed out for free. Like many other Nintendo properties, players will actually have to earn their way to playing as Daisy in Super Mario Run. This is accomplished by completing the new Remix 10 mode, where players must conquer 10 different sections from various Super Mario Run levels. It's a bit like a speedrunner's challenge insofar that players must complete each segment in rapid succession in order to collect the medals, finish the stages and unlock Daisy.

The mode will also afford players the ability to unlock additional items in which to customize and deck out your Mushroom Kingdom with, so for those of you who are still playing Nintendo's platforming game for mobile devices, the added interior decorations might be an incentive to dive back into the game.

Once you unlock Daisy, you can then use her in the Toad Rally in order to reach some of the coins that were out of Mario's reach. This gives you an extra incentive to play some of the older stages over again and attempt to find some of the secrets you may have missed.

You'll also be able to play Daisy in the brand new world, which adds nine new levels to the game, which include some new enemies to face off against, and some additional coins to collect. In order to unlock the new world you will have to conquer Worlds 1 through 6 first.

This update follows up on a previous spring update that added in some additional content based around Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, which came out in April for the Nintendo Switch.

For gamers who have yet to purchase the full version of Super Mario Run, Nintendo is also planning on discounting the full purchase of the game the week of the update release at the end of September.

Some investors weren't very fond of Nintendo's approach to making mobile games due to the fact that the company hasn't been milking the apps for all they're worth with microtransactions. Shareholders felt that Super Mario Run could have made a lot more money by individually selling levels or power-ups to force people to pay for items from the cash shop. Nintendo, however, felt that relying on "whales" for a free-to-play game would diminish the Super Mario brand, and the company has made it known that it will stand steadfast in protecting the value of its brands, which is why so few of the company's top games are even made available on mobile devices.

You can look for the next major update to drop for Super Mario Run come September 29th.

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