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Monster Hunter World

Capcom is updating Monster Hunter World with something special for gamers: an Elder Dragon. These rare creatures are the boss creatures of all boss creatures, and defeating an Elder Dragon is no easy task. However, Capcom decided to add the new battleground boss, Kulve Taorth, as a free update for both Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

Over on the official Monster Hunter World website, there's a post indicating that the second major update for the game is a free update for version It comes jam packed with a brand new boss battle against an Elder Dragon.

The update is a hefty 1.2GB download, featuring everything packed inside, so when it unzips you'll need a total of 5.2GB of free space on either the Xbox One or the PS4 before downloading the update.

The update also comes with the brand new location, the Caverns of El Dorado. Inside, you'll find plenty of jagged ridges, rocky platforms, and sparse skylights where the sunlight basks down on the uneven terrain located deep underground.

The cave is filled with minerals shaped and formed as a habitat by Kulve Taroth over the years. It's a home for a lot of unstable geothermal energies that create a possibly hostile place for the average hunter in Monster Hunter World.

Capcom's free update comes jam-packed with an all new set of armor based on Kulve Taroth, which is hard to put into words as far as descriptions go because it's filled with a lot of golden fur, golden embroidery, big curly horns, and armor plating that covers both the male and female bodies from top to bottom.

We also see two new weapons on display, both of which are long-range projectiles, plenty of dark wood around the base and gold trimming along the sides with a rather elaborate Eastern-themed livery running along the base on both sides.

A second set of armor and weapons are also available, including a giant broad sword and a two-handed spear. The second armor set is still rather fancy, with lots of shiny gold for both the male and female armor sets. The male headpiece is completely covered while the female piece has vertical horns going up on either side. Both have hip drapes coming down the back, while wearing black armored boots.

There's also an all new set of gear for your Palico based on Kulve Taroth, including a fancy fan and mane for your Palico pet in Monster Hunter World.

New quality of life features have been added, including the ability to modify and adjust the HUD size, as well as the ability to preview armor at the blacksmith. New research features have been added to the Botanical Research, along with tweaks to the camera, and automatically removing players from the squad management if they've been inactive and haven't logged in within 30 days.

Minor tweaks to the field researcher dialogue during Expeditions have been made to make it more clear if there's an important piece of dialogue for players before venturing into the world map. And there have been some modifications to the Play History descriptions to make it more readily readable for players. The update is currently live right now for PS4 and Xbox One players who own a copy of Monster Hunter World.

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