The Next Augmented Reality Mobile Game Is All About POGs, Yes POGs

(Image credit: Compton Technology)

If you're into collecting milk caps, bottle caps, and POGs... well, you're probably mildly excited at the possibility of doing so without having to physically keep and horde them somewhere. Soon you'll be able to go virtual hunting for all different types of POGs thanks to a brand new augmented reality mobile game set to come out based on the milk caps.

The original POGs were popular back during the early 1990s, garnering a strong following from young kids who liked collecting the bottle caps. The POG Federation decided to bring back the pastime as a mobile game called POGs AR. The "AR" stands for augmented reality.

Compton Technology is designing the game, which will be based around the same rules as the original board game from back in the 1990s. What's more is that POGs AR is also part of an IndieGoGo campaign, where they're attempting to gather funds to help the mobile title for its eventual release this September, for iOS and Android devices.

The core gameplay will center around player-vs-player interactions, with the goal being to slam opponents into submission and capture the collection. You'll be able to collect and trade POGs with other players, just like a real-life, physical trading card game or bottle cap collection. What's more is that this won't be limited to just your immediate vicinity, you'll also be able to trade and swap POGs with players from all over the world.

There are also plans to host regional and international tournaments, where players can earn slammer upgrades and unlock new content, not unlike how Nintendo has it set up with Pokemon tournaments for both the trading card games and for the handheld games on portable devices like the Nintendo 3DS.

So, you're probably asking, what exactly makes POGs AR an augmented reality game? Well, in a promotional video that was released, there's an explanation and video footage on how it works and what it does.

As you can see, you'll use your smartphone's camera to scan the actual physical POG bottle cap and add it to your in-game collection. This is a pretty nifty way of being able to build up your deck and expand your collection even if you don't regularly battle other players or participate in tournaments.

It's a little bit like combining Pokemon Go with Nintendo's Amiibo sets, which can also be used to scan in content from real life figurines and turn it into in-game items.

Given the burgeoning growth of AR games in the mobile market at the moment, I suppose now would be a pretty good time to jump into the fray with POGs AR. If all goes well with the crowdfunding campaign you can expect to see the app become available for Android and iOS devices this September.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.