A Spider-Man Subway Train Is Running In New York City

Sony and Insomniac Games are prepping to release Marvel's Spider-Man this September as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. At this stage in the game the development on the upcoming, web-slinging, open-world action title is already complete, as the game has already gone gold. So, Sony's big focus now is on marketing the game to as many people as possible and getting them excited for the upcoming release. Part of Sony's marketing efforts have included something not a lot of people expected from the company, including working with the New York subway system to have a specially commissioned subway train featuring Marvel's Spider-Man as part of the promotional campaign.

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The news comes courtesy of a tweet posted on the official Twitter account of James Stevenson, who is working as Insomniac Games' community manager.

The train runs in Manhattan from Grand Central Station to Times Square. It features a red paint job both for the interior and the exterior, as well as a giant image of Spider-Man in his video game getup, shooting web from his launchers. There's also a giant logo of Marvel's Spider-Man spread across the bottom half of the subway adjacent to the image of Spider-Man.

The inside of the subway cars are also all decked out with white Spider-Man emblems on the back of the seat rests, with posters of the PlayStation 4 exclusive lining the back and sides of the subway cars.

As some pointed out in the tweet threads, this is the shuttle that only runs through Times Square, so it's bound to be busy at most times of the day. It's an excellent area to advertise to people that the game is coming, though.

The game originally went gold back at the end of July. At this point it's a matter of Insomniac Games working on any day-one patches (assuming the game has one) and likely ironing out any potential bugs or glitches that gamers may encounter along the way.

This is one of the big games due out this fall, alongside Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which arrives in September as well. This is just before the heavy hitters drop, in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The fall season is definitely jam packed with a lot of big AAA games. However, gamers have been awaiting the release of Marvel's Spider-Man for quite some time, especially given that the promise of the game is that it's going to hearken back to the kind of free-roaming gameplay and freedom of web-slinging that was made famous (and quite popular) in Spider-Man 2.

You won't have to wait too long to finally get your hands on the game, as it's scheduled to release on the PS4 early next month. In fact, it's just a couple of weeks away from its September 7th launch.

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